People never cease to amaze us, do they?

And I don’t necessarily mean that in a good way…

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about basic knowledge that a lot of people don’t seem to know about.

Prepare to shake your head!

1. Definitely!

“Don’t put water on a grease fire.

This is when your pan/pot catches fire while cooking.

Cover it with the pot or pan lid and turn off the heat.”

2. Cut it out.

“Kids don’t need juice or soda.

I had soda very rarely as a kid, so I never really got used to carbonation and that’s enough to keep me away as an adult.

Make soda an occasional treat and you could prevent a bad habit from ever forming.”

3. Driving safety.

“A yield sign means to let the other vehicle go before you, not you trying to beat the other vehicle.”

4. Don’t do it.

“Ladies, don’t flush your tampons.

It doesn’t matter if you are on city sewer or a septic system, it is terrible and causes all kinds of issues.”

5. Surprising.

“The basics of using a computer. Especially nowdays when most things are done digitally.

It’s just mind boggling when co-workers wifi does not work, or a program froze and they just don’t know what to do.

Then when I reset the router or restart the computer they proceed to call me a Wizard. Like dude, what the heck?”

6. There you go.

“Ride a bike WITH traffic.

Walk or run AGAINST traffic.”

7. LOL.

“The little stick on the left side of the steering column of every car is your turn signal.

If you push it up, it will tell people around you that you are turning right and push it down to indicate a left turn.”

8. Bingo.

“Income tax rates are tiered (or bracketed). You will never make less money by getting a raise.

Only a portion of your income gets taxed at the higher rate once you enter the next bracket.”

9. True.

“That homelessness isn’t just caused by bad life choices.

It’s very often caused by things outside the person’s control.

It’s also a lot harder to come back from homelessness than many people think.”

10. The worst.

“That you shouldn’t stop in the middle of the sidewalk, have a conversation, and cause everyone to walk around you.”

11. A lot of folks can’t do it.

“I would say the ability to cook a meal.

Not throwing a frozen pizza in the oven or heating up something in the microwave. I think that being able to work with vegetables, meat and kitchen appliances/utensils and cooking yourself a ‘normal’ meal is very basic important skill.

It surprises me how many times I read stories about people dependent on others to cook for them, simply because they lack the skill or haven’t developed it.”

12. Cleaning 101.

“A lot of cleaning basics aren’t as universal as you’d think.

I grew up never having to do any cleaning – my parents did most of the day-to-day housework, and we had a maid come every two weeks for a deeper clean. Trying to learn to clean as an adult, it’s amazing how much knowledge people take for granted that just isn’t obvious if you’ve never done it. Stuff like:

Regular soap doesn’t work on carpets, you need special cleaner designed specifically for them.

Stuff stuck to plates doesn’t get magically whisked away by the dishwasher – there’s a filter you have to clean every so often.

The first time you put a colorful clothing item in the wash, there’s a good chance whatever color it is will infect the other clothes, so make sure it’s either by itself or with other similarly-colored items

Sponges get dirty and have to be replaced (this was especially galling for me to learn, the whole point of a sponge is to be clean, why does the cleaning thing get dirty?)

Folding clothes while they’re hot from the dryer makes them less wrinkly

That smell is the kitchen garbage, just because it isn’t full doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it out.”

13. Don’t hog it.

“When you use equipment (especially during high traffic hours) in a public gym you should be conscious of how much time you spend on it.

Aim to keep/make 15 min the max amount of time you spend on it.”

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