Admit it…you keep secrets from your significant other, don’t you?

It’s okay, we’re not here to judge today…

But we are going to hear from AskReddit users about the secrets they think men keep from their ladies.

Read on to see what they had to say…

1. Sorry, zoned out.

“That long 40 minute non stop story you just told me while I had full eye contact and kept nodding and agreeing with you?

Yeah I zoned out about 5 minutes in and was thinking about what show I’m gonna watch later tonight. I just know how to look like I’m listening.”

2. Everyone has a past.

“That there were other women before you.

Made this mistake thinking she met me when I was 34 so why should she care or be bothered by it.

Fast forward three years, and I ended up breaking off my engagement by text because her jealousy finally caused me to snap.”

3. Can’t find the right words.

“How gorgeous they are.

Never comes out right.

It’s never as much as you want it to be.”

4. Scarred.

“The trauma I’ve gone through.

So many women give zero s**ts what you’ve been through or what you need help with. In my personal experience; the literal moment you express what you need support with or even express your trauma they disappear.

I’ll never not be for equality but it hurts so d**n much when a woman who has past trauma turns her back on you.”

5. Don’t say a word.

“When another woman is flirtatious with me.

And no before anyone says anything I have absolutely not flirted back or gave signals.

In no way shape or form.”

6. That’s bad.

“Based off of my most recent…you supposedly can’t tell them you deal with depression.

That made her go bat s**t crazy with yelling at me and then leaving and saying to never speak to her again.”

7. Can’t help it.

“That boner I just got? It’s not because of that other woman who just walked/drove/cartwheeled past.

It’s because we just walked past a cafe and I got a whiff of a particular blend of tea that reminded me of this time I was in a supermarket looking for tea and my friend texted me about something that reminded me of the time we were backpacking across Western Europe, and we stopped for tea in a cafe just outside Barcelona, and the older but still attractive just not in that way waitress gave me one of the three compliments I have ever received.”

8. Nope.


Nobody wants to know about them, especially your current GF.

If someone asks about them tell them to go plug a hole. It will never end well for you.”

9. Keep it to yourself.

“How stressful it can be moving into/renovating a new house. She’s stressed out too, so me sharing my stresses as well doesn’t help anything.

Just taking it one thing, one moment, one day at a time and gonna focus on that instead.”

10. Uh oh…

“That the new restaurant in town that she is excited to try together is actually where I grabbed lunch yesterday…”

11. Let’s keep that quiet.

“Every guy has a list of animals they think they could beat in a fight, and list of scenarios why they might beat other animals in a fight.

We think about this more than we’d like to admit and will never share the full list.”

12. Dude…

“If our exes were better in bed.

Absolutely no good can come out of honesty here.

We bottle that s**t up and let it eat ulcers throughout our guts and be grateful for mediocre bl**jobs, whatever it takes to avoid that war.”

What do you think guys can never tell their girlfriends?

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