Remember when people used to absolutely love O.J. Simpson?

Younger folks out there might not remember that the former football star turned actor was beloved by the general public and he had a great reputation…and then it kind of all went to s**t when people found out what he was really like.

And that brings us to today’s conversation!

What celebrities do people love who are actually creepy?

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Big music star.

“Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is a pretty creepy guy.

I don’t remember all the details but didn’t he basically buy some 17 year old girl from her parents?”

2. Shock jock.

“Howard Stern.

The way he treated Carnie Wilson was so f**king cruel. He tricked her into stepping onto a scale that put her weight in huge letters for the audience to see and laugh at.

She’s struggled with disordered eating her entire life and that was such a horrible thing to do to someone, and it’s not even the worst thing he’s done.”

3. What a bummer.

“Bill Murray.

We keep hearing little bits and pieces about him being a real POS.

Geena Davis’ recent book is the most recent tale that comes to mind.”

4. Rock Gods.

“Led Zeppelin.

Jimmy Page is a confirmed p**ophile and abuser and Robert Plant openly admits to being involved in some unsavory stuff as well.

Their legacy is pretty much completely intact and it’s never really brought up.”

5. Oh no!

“Clint Eastwood.

He cheated on his wives, physically a**sed his first wife, and pressured two of his mistresses to have a**rtions when he got them pregnant.”

6. Messed up.

“When Jon Hamm was in college he beat a dude so badly with a paddle that he had kidney damage.

Also tried to light him on fire and lead him around the frat house by his scrotum with a claw hammer.

Fun stuff.”

7. Subtle creepy.


It’s the subtle creepy things. Like the closet stockpile of Hermes bags for “his future wife.”

The necklace of 43 engagement ring diamonds for the 43 times he almost proposed. The way he introduced Rihanna at that awards show.”

8. Weird.

“Paul Walker.

I know you shouldn’t speak ill of the d**d but he dated minors when he was a grown adult.”

9. Scandalous.

“Charles Dickens.

In his mid 40s, he began a relationship with a 13 year old girl. He stuck his wife in an insane asylum so she wouldn’t get in the way of his fun.

He didn’t allow their children to visit her. And he knocked up the 13 year old.”

10. What’s the deal with…?

“Jerry Seinfeld had a teen GF when he was like 35.

And now all he does is whine about cancel culture because people don’t laugh at his jokes anymore.

His comedy is just really dated, its not the cancel culture.”

11. Look it up.

“Martin Luther King allegedly beat his wife, but no one really talks about it because of all the other positive things he did.”

12. A robot?


She’s like a robot with good voice control. Ever watched a personal interview with her? Exactly. Completely unclear who she is.

I seriously suspect she might not be an actual person/ made up. I understand people like the music. I don’t understand people liking her. What’s there to like?”

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