Sorry, I didn’t know anyone was in there!

I can’t tell you how many times I said that in college when I lived in a house with four other guys.

Four other young guys who liked to drink a little bit too much and sometimes acted like idiots…if you know what I’m saying.

Yes, it was fun. Yes, it was also disgusting. Yes, I saw things I want to erase from my memory.

People on AskReddit shared stories about when they saw things they definitely weren’t supposed to. Let’s take a look.


“About 5 years old. Woke up to the snow finally starting to melt. Notice a girl “asleep” in the garden.

Went a told my dad, he took one look and told me to go play in my room.

Turns out girl had been “asleep” in our front garden for about 2 weeks buried and frozen under the snow.”

2. I’ll take that.

“My company’s entire payroll on a spreadsheet.

Someone left it on the printer.

Used the info to get a way past due raise.”

3. Good for you, sir.

“Was fixing an elderly neighbor’s laptop that had n**es of his wife on the desktop with the thumbnails at maximum size.

It’s like he wanted me to see them. I will say though, she had a bangin’ bod for a woman in her 70s.

I think it’s safe to say he thought the same.”

4. Oh, boy…

“When I was a kid I had to pull one of my ferrets out from under my parents’ bed and locked in his jaws was a bright red rubber d**do.”

5. Uh oh…

“I was working at a hotel during college and I saw my lab partner get a room with the professor.”

6. Totally awkward.

“My aunt sent a picture of her t**s to my mom after she got them done.

I happened to be the one using the phone when the message came through and opened it without expecting anything like that.”

7. Awful.

“When I was still married, my (then) wife had left her phone on to run to the bathroom while I was in bed, I looked at it for the time, and found it was left open to a secret Gmail account she was using for sending literally hundreds of n**es back and forth between many many dudes.

For years.

Up to that night while she was fully 6 months pregnant. Mostly original stuff too. I think that hurt more.”

8. Confusing.

“Naked men wrestling on my mom’s laptop (not gay p**n, it was actual wrestling in a ring, just with their soft di**s out) when i was like 9.

She later came out as a lesbian, so i’m not sure what that was all about…”

9. Wow.

“My dad gave me a piece of furniture one time.

When I got it home, a post-it note which had been stuck to the bottom floated down to the floor. I picked it up, and in my dad’s unmistakable handwriting were various notes about gay personal ads he’d been responding to — details about the other guys. Their names and ages and s**ual interests, the status of their conversations, etc.

My dad was, at least I thought, very straight. I put two and two together and realized this piece of furniture was from an apartment he kept briefly while he and my stepmom were on the outs for about a year.

None of this bothered me one bit, but I got the distinct impression that my stepmom (an older, very conservative lady) would have NOT been cool with any of this… I let him go to his grave without ever telling him.”

10. Can’t unsee it.

“Grandma naked… repeatedly.

My room is across the hall from the bathroom and I would do homework a lot with headphones on. I heard my grandma holler something to me from the bathroom.

Took my headphones off and look to the bathroom door right as she opened it to go to the guest bedroom. Turns out she was saying “don’t look! Naked grandma!””

11. OH MY GOD.

“My parents were getting ready to head out for a double date with my friend’s parents. Everyone came over to our place beforehand and brought their kids because their oldest daughter was going to babysit the rest of us.

The adults were in the kitchen chatting and my sibs and I decide we want to show our new sitter this home video we made of a turtle we caught. None of the tapes were labeled well so of course we end up putting on what turned out to be my parents’ s** tape.

Five kids with our jaws on the floor watched as my mom pulled down my dad’s boxers and started bl**ing him. Dad was hung apparently.

The sitter who was maybe 15 at the time dove for the VCR and powered it off. Within seconds all the parents come through, “ok, kids, be good…” met with our stunned silence.”

12. Oops.

“One time I was up late at night scrolling Facebook at the same time as my drunk and high off Xanax married mother who was an entire timezone away at the time.

She was messaging an old fling from high school while her husband was away at work and was sending him close up pictures of her vagina. How I know this is because she didn’t send them via messenger, SHE POSTED THEM ON HER ACTUAL FACEBOOK PAGE.

I had to call her in the middle of the night in her zonked out stupor to get her password to delete pictures of vagina off her own Facebook page.”

13. I’m sure you were reading up there.

“I had a tree house in my backyard. The neighbors behind us had a pool.

I was 12. Their daughters were 18 and had their boyfriends over.

They ended up jumping topless into the pool while I was chilling in the tree house reading.”

14. An awakening.

“I went on a road trip with my grandma when I was 15.

My mom let me borrow her suitcase. Pretty sure she forgot that she’d stashed an envelope of VERY dirty photos of her and my stepfather. About a dozen, in various acts, with various people and objects.

My grandma walked in as I discovered them and I was in a PANIC fearing she might ask to see the photos I was looking at.

Thankfully my aunt distracted her and I was able to hide them away in the pocket where I’d found them.

It was quite an awakening.”

15. Not embarrassing at all.

“I was working airport security. I know I’m sorry, we all hate it too.

The x-ray guy sees a jar of cream in a bag. I’m called to the bag check and get the owner of the bag to come with me to do a bag check. I look through it, find what appears to be a jar of gel and i tell the tiny effeminate man he can’t bring gels through.

He looks to the other side of the check point tells his very large stereotypical plumber looking boyfriend this. And he says; “No.. not.. it’s. not.. YOU F**K IT!!!!”

Yeah he yelled the last part, I was holding his fleshlight. I had to do a chemical swab on a fleshlight.”

16. Ugh.

“When I was 13ish, I went in to our computer room just in time to finish seeing my dad send an email that said “I love you” and some other stuff to a woman that wasn’t my mom. He tried to cover my eyes and act like he was joking around.

I promptly left and went back awhile later. I tried getting in his email but he had changed the password. (We all knew it because his email was used to log in to a lot of stuff by the family) I never told my mom.

Few years later, he divorced my mom and she asked me for help getting proof of him cheating from the laptop he had also used. I found GRAPHIC Craigslist messages that he had sent and received.

Just gonna add a PSA here to parents – don’t ask your child to do this. Take it to a PC shop and save your child the emotional and mental scars.”

17. Never told a soul.

“My friend writing in his scholarship essay about how “he needed assistance more than ever, since he was diagnosed with HIV”.

I never told a soul. It’s been my best kept secret since.”

18. Big mistake.

“In my high school Spanish class, our teacher had taped (VHS) a telenovela for us to watch.

When she put the VHS tape in, there was about .25 seconds of of a p**no that played…a topless woman moaning.

Out of a class of around 30 kids, only about 5 of us looked around at each other and locked eyes with a “did anyone else just fu**ing see that?!” look.

Our teacher must have taped over an old p**no VHS of hers.”

19. That’s…odd…

“I was hiking in a forest with some friends, and as we continued on the trail, the mound of rocks on our right side opened up to more forest.

Myself and one of my friends were leading the other two by a couple of yards, and we both briefly saw a couple having s** several hundred feet into the forest on that right side. My friend and I gave each other that “did you see that s**t too?” look.

By the time my other friends caught up the couple had split and we couldn’t see them anymore. It was like 2 pm in broad daylight off of a main road, which was the weirdest part.”

20. Oops.

“I was at a work-related retreat for a week and ended up sharing a room with a guy from a different site. It was my first time meeting him, but we hit it off pretty well from the get-go.

The last night I was there, I walked into our room and found him in bed with one of my male coworkers. Without missing a beat, I did a 180 and walked out the door without saying a word.

As I was walking away, my coworker angrily whispered, “I thought you said you didn’t have a roommate.” (For some reason, my roommate thought I was going to leave a night early, but that didn’t happen.)

Ended up spending a couple of hours at the main cabin chatting with some folks so they could have their fun.

I don’t work there anymore, but I remember every time I would run into said coworker, he would always try to avoid chatting with me. I definitely didn’t care if he was sleeping around, but, in retrospect, it was probably more embarrassing for him than it was for me.”

21. Didn’t need to see that.

“My mom’s phone got a notification while it was charging. Curious, I just checked too see what it was.

It was a text message from some guy saying “I’m going to have your p**sy for breakfast”.

I’ve never checked her phone since.”

22. Time to bleach your eyeballs.

“My grandparents were both a bit deaf. I was downstairs prepping dinner and called out to them. No response.

I placed their plates on a tray instead and walked upstairs to their room, their door half open. Saw my fully naked grandma riding my fully naked grandpa like they have no aches and pains.

It’s weird, like normally they do everything in slo-mo. Apparently not.”

23. The crush.

“In high school I found a document on my dad’s computer that was basically a diary of his massive crush on another woman.

I don’t know why I opened it and in felt really bad but he probably shouldn’t have kept it on a computer he let me use. It was weird but I never told anyone and tried not to think about it.

My parents are still together and they seem (mostly?) happy.”

24. Dad!

“When I was 18, I was pulling an all-nighter trying to finish an English project when I decided to take a break and grab a can of Coke from the kitchen.

While walking there, I passed the living room and saw my father screwing his friend’s wife on the couch. I turned right the f**k around and decided tap water from the bathroom would suffice.”

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