I’ve been to Europe a couple of times and I love it there.

And I think my favorite part of being there is their incredible train system.

Just imagine what life would be like in the U.S. if we had a rail system that was that advanced and efficient…

It would be glorious!

But I don’t think that’s gonna happen here anytime soon…

What luxuries do Europeans have?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

The German way.

“Six weeks vacation.

Extra pay just for vacation (at least in Germany).

Government healthcare.”

Take it slow.


I spent time abroad in Italy for school and there was just so much less of a “rush” everywhere. oftentimes the latest person to my classes we were professors.

Everyone really took their time and i didn’t really feel the bustle of constantly “going” somewhere when i was there.

The village my apartment was located  inshut down for a few hours in the afternoon so the shopkeepers could go have lunch.

It was wild.”

Time off.

“Guaranteed 4+ weeks of vacation.

And the fact that they are encouraged to take the vacation instead of being made to feel that it’s a burden to the employer that you go on vacation.”


“Affordable universities.

Our daughter is going to university in Scotland. Our US friends always respond with shock at the “luxury” of going overseas for school until I tell them it’s 1/2 the cost of an equivalent US college.

That includes travel expenses.”


“Public transportation.

This blew me away travelling in Europe. Doesn’t matter where you are even if it’s some middle of nowhere farm town you’re never far from a train station and you can just hop a train and go anywhere you want.

Would love to have that here but noooo we only have rail links between some major cities and since I live in a more rural area I gotta drive 4+ hours everywhere. In Europe all I had to do was drive 20 minutes to a train station then just chill on the train for a few hours it was great!”

It’s the law.

“I am an American who is now living in Sweden and a Swedish citizen and I will never not be amazed that I have a legal right to four continuous weeks of paid vacation during the summer.


Literally amazing.”

Nice and cheap.

“Cheap wine by the glass, cheap coffee, and pastries.

Cafes in the US are marketed as very trendy and if you want a pastry and a coffee you should be ready to pay like 8-10 dollars.

In most of Italy, Portugal and Spain you can get coffee and a croissant for like 3 euros.”


“It’s honestly such an underrated part of living in the EU, being able to freely travel to about 25 or so different countries with minimum hassle at the drop of a hat.

It’s absolutely awesome.”


“Bathroom stalls that actually go to the floor.

I don’t need to know what shoes the guy taking a s**t next to me has on.”

Organized labor.

“In Italy, unions are very big, like the 3 big ones have millions of members and are not job specific. Each union then is internally subdivided by job categories.

They are the best or the most efficient unions by a lot but being that big means that, if anything like what you link was to happen here, a general national strike could be organized very rapidly.”


“Germany gets 4 weeks vacation starting out.

I have to work for my German based company in the US for 20 years before I can get equal vacation time.

They refuse to negotiate.”

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