Men Are From Mars. Women Are From Venus.

Do you remember that book?

It was a big hit back in the day and it focused on the differences between men and women…and it seems like guys and gals are still trying to figure each other out all these years later.

So let’s hear from AskReddit users about what they wish the opposite gender understood better.

Take a look!

1. FYI.

“As a guy I don’t always want to have s**. Wanting to get in your pants isn’t an indicator of liking you or not.

Sometimes I just want to laugh and see how I enjoy being around you because most people turn out disappointing.”

2. Big and strong.

“We’re honestly happy to help you lift stuff and carry stuff and put things away on high shelves.

We like being big and strong.

But please don’t take it for granted. Show your appreciation.”

3. Need a connection.

“S** is more than s**. It’s a connection. When there is no connection, people get grumpy, testy, short-tempered and irritable.

I’m not sure if it works the other way, but some women think that a guy only wants s** to get off. It’s not always true. We can do that without you.”

4. You look great!

“Nine and a half times out of ten, your bed head looks great and we actively don’t care/encourage that look.

Life’s too short to worry about societally accepted hair norms or matching socks and what have you.”

5. Not so different.

“We’re not that different than you.

Most of this thread can be chalked up to human problems not gender issues.

The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve realized we’re all more similar than we are different.”

6. Listen to me.

“How sometimes when us women are ranting about a problem, we just want you to listen.

Yes later on we will use logic to solve the issue, but first we also prefer to cry/talk/rant to address our emotional needs first.”

7. Not a victim.

“If you don’t accept a polite rejection, the rude rejection is your own fault.

If I said something like “sorry I am just here to have fun with my friends” and you kept trying to get with me I will tell you to f**k off as rudely as possible because that’s the only language you understand.

And no, you are not the victim in that situation.”

8. Confusing.

“You can be as moody as you like with me, but until you tell me what I have done wrong I have no idea what I’ve actually done!

Just tell us! From all mankind!”

9. We want toys!

“We don’t always want “dad” type presents, and s** with you is not substitute for a gift.

We are never too old for toys/fun things pertaining to our interests.”

10. Gross.

“Men find cheaters to be as abhorrent as women do.

We are not all high-fiving the guy who just cheated on his girlfriend, believe me.

Most men want to punch those guys in the face. They’re a**holes.”

11. Alone time.

“Sometimes men just want to be alone.

No, you haven’t done anything wrong. No, we’re not angry or upset.

We just want some time alone with no distraction or interaction. This is a basic need for men’s emotional and mental well being.”

12. True.

“Guys really appreciate non-s**ual physical affection.

And while I wouldn’t want it to be a regular thing, getting flowers once in a long while can be extremely nice and will definitely bring a smile to my face.”

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