Fellas, let’s talk about skincare…

I never gave it a whole lot of thought before, but I gotta say that once I started listening to my lady friends about what they do to keep their skin looking so nice, I gave it a shot and it’s great!

And maybe you should start doing the same…

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about what women’s things they think men should start doing ASAP.

1. Do it guys!

“Stretches! Yoga / pilates is dominated by women.

Better mobility

Range of motion

Injury prevention

Indirectly improves strength

Prevents joint pain

Feels good.”

2. Be good to yourself.

“Treating yourself. Self care.

If that means fishing for a weekend, do it.”

3. Don’t skip it.

“Going to the doctor before they are at d**th’s door.

My physician told me that married men live like five years longer than unmarried men (or something like that) because of their wives forcing them to be seen.”

4. You know it.


What’s so bad about looking younger when you’re older?”

5. Are you still there?

“Make noise during s**.

Not even dirty talk- a moan or any words of encouragement would be enough.”

6. Time to open up.

“I work in a kitchen full of men and it’s quite sad to listen to them tell eachother that they can’t cry. Or that they are not supposed to do so.

I don’t know who came up with this but I fight that “concept” every chance I get.

As a result, most of them feel safe to share their emotions with me. Even crying.”

7. Pain relief.

“Take Midol.

Sometimes guys are embarrassed to take it because it’s mainly used to help with menstrual cramps.

Guys, it works better than Tylenol, Advil, or Ibuprofen, trust me.”

8. Good point.

“Don’t make fun of your guy friends for being vulnerable or if they were a victim of something normally a woman would be a victim of.

Like when a female teacher has s** with a male student, don’t say the kid is lucky. Be as disgusted as you would if it was the other way around.”

9. Normalize it.

“Tell your close friends they mean a lot to you, you care, and they’re important. Normalize positive physical touch.

In the majority of my male-male relationships, only negative touch and negative vocalizations are allowed. Punching eachother in the shoulder, light shoving, trash talking, giving each other s**t. These don’t need to stop, but it doesn’t need to be everything.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able tell my buds “I love you guys so much” them snuggle up on the couch and watch movies like we hear is common with women (I guess I don’t know if it’s true), but sometimes people just need to hear that others care in definitely terms. More fists bumps, grip then by the shoulder, hand on the back, there’s a lot of ways we can try to bring positive touch into our relationships.

Same with words. Sometimes, you just need to hear , “I appreciate you.” A lot of men take the “if im talking to you it means I like you/ I’m only hard on you because I care.” Most of us do know our friends care, been when it gets hard, being offered affection without condition can be a real pick me up.”

10. That’s better.

“Making an effort to make their home smell nice….the way you clean (taking a shower does not actually clean your shower), washing your bedding with more frequency, buy a few candles, etc… you will feel more relaxed at home and clean sheets are better for your skin/health.”

11. Life hack.

“Cook for themselves.

In the regions of the world where men still think it’s a “women thing”.


12. Nice and smooth.

“I started shaving my armpits a few years back and I’ll never go back.

The ladies seem to appreciate it too even though I’m a fuzz ball every where else on my body.”

Now it’s your turn!

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Thanks a lot!