Have you ever met someone with boatloads of money?

If you have, you know that they do things…differently…

And that includes the hobbies they enjoy!

Check out what folks on AskReddit had to say about this.

1. Flying high.

“I went to my auntie’s 70th birthday. She’s a hobbyist pilot and longtime member of an aviation club.

My partner and I were talking to one of the guys there and he asked “Did you guys ever get in to flying?” To which we obviously replied with “… No.” He seemed genuinely surprised and then asked “Oh… did your parents just not let you?”

The obscene cost of flying/owning/renting planes never even entered his mind. The only reason he could see for not flying planes as a child was a lack of interest.

Pretty f**king mind blowing.”

2. Insane.

“Himalayan mountaineering.

A guy I grew up with guides on Everest and other high peaks.

It’s like $200k to book him as your guide on Everest, and sure, there are expenses and stuff, but he takes like a dozen at a time.”

3. Interesting.

“Something that probably isn’t the first to people’s minds, but: aquariums.

Good God are aquariums all about up-front investments in time, money and space, and that still doesn’t 100% safeguard things from going catastrophic, to which then the typical solution is an even more absurd dedication of time, money and space to remedy said problem.

They’re gorgeous and can absolutely be a source of serenity for a room, but honestly that serenity is only going to be felt by those who didn’t have to put the work, planning and money into it.

I’d honestly say keeping a “standard” 20 gallon fishtank would be comparable to keeping a small parrot, at least in terms of effort and knowledge required, and the needs go up exponentially from there.”

4. Definitely.

“Boating: tens of thousands for the thing, expensive upkeep, expensive marina fees. BOAT = Break Out Another Thousand.”

5. Big time.


When I learned you need to have a whole trailer full of horses for a single player to use for one match it blew my mind how expensive it would be to have as a hobby.”

6. Hit the slopes.


I recently went to Loon Mtn. in New Hampshire (which is pretty average skiing), and for a family of 4, our tickets cost $475 a day. That’s almost $1,000 just in ticket cost for the weekend. On top of that, we spent a couple hundred on food.

Luckily we were staying with someone, otherwise we would have to pay another almost $1,000 for lodging. We’re upper middle class, and we could barely afford it. I don’t understand how the mountain (and lift lines) were so crowded. Who can afford this more than once a year, if that?!”

7. Time to rally.

“GT Racing/Rally racing.

Building a race car is expensive. The consumables are expensive, e.g. a set of tires costs thousands and last a few laps.

Rally racing has a high likelihood of crashes which require on the spot repairs.”

8. Collectors.

“Collecting “Golden Age” or “Silver Age” comics.

When I started collecting myself in the mid to late 80’s there we only a handful of expensive books, mostly DC titles.

A stickler for condition, would only buy it if it was near mint( NM) or better condition.

At one point my collection consisted of Dardevil #1, Spider-Man #129 (1st Punisher appearence) X-Men #1, plus Giant Sized #1, issues 94 to about 230ish. With my last major purchase being Fantastic Four #1, which at the time was valued at approx $1200 in 1992 (paid like $1100).

Since this would easily have been a 9.0 or better graded book, the value today would be over $250,000. Plus quite a few other books that at the time were only worth between $75-$500, many are worth tens of thousands or more now.

Wound up selling my collection mid-90’s and although I made a profit, there is NO WAY I could afford to be collecting on that level anymore.

Had I waited and sold my copies today, I could afford to retire by selling under 100 of my books that were worth the most today. My collection when sold consisted of nearly 8,000 books.”

9. Yes.

“Sport cycling, not utility cycling to the corner store for a gallon of milk. Mid-level road bikes are now $5,000.

And it’s pretty common to spend low five-figures on a complete setup.

At least in the Unites States, the average household income of cyclists is quite a bit higher than golfers.”

10. Best in show.

“Dog showing.

You can do it cheap, but if you hire a handler and special the dog you can easily sink over $50,000 a year into it, all for a big ribbon and bragging rights.

And I’m in what’s considered a “cheap” breed to show.”

11. This is hilarious.

“Very monotone laughing.

I went to a “party” my regional manager invited me to, so I could meet the CEO, owner, and whatnot. A lot of rich people were there.

Many of them laugh like this hardy “HA-HA-HA” with almost no movement in their bodies whatsoever, and they aren’t fake laughs either.

I was raised in a low income household and was around a lot of low income people. We tend to double over laughing, stumbling while trying to “run off the laugh”. Low income laughs are loud, obnoxious, yet fun, while theirs seems almost robotic.”

12. Exclusive.

“I went golfing with my father in law years ago for some charity event that he got into because of his work. I’m not really much of a golfer but he asked if I would like to go with him.

At the end of the day he asked how I liked it and if I would go again, I said I wouldn’t mind going to that course again.

He laughed for a solid five minutes before he said that the memberships at that course started at $10,000 a month. So I’ve learned there are tiers of richness to golfing.”

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