Marketing is an essential part of any business, and execs are paid buckets of money to cultivate just the right branding for their companies. This of course includes catchy slogans, but what if those slogans were, yanno, honest?

Let’s find out with these fifteen funny examples.

15. Urban Outfitters

I’m not sure that’s what they mean to convey by “Urban.”

14. HBO GO

Not to be confused with HBO, HBO MAX, HBO NOW, HBO the Hulu add on, your dad just describing Game of Thrones again…

13. Tinder

Install it, swipe around, feel self-conscious, delete it again.

12. Amazon Prime

Stay put and welcome in your overlords.

11. Trader Joe’s

What do we really know about this Joe anyway?

10. American Apparel

Should I even be looking at this?

9. Comcast

Even we hate us.

8. Radioshack

I assure you we still exist!

7. Hallmark

My roommate used to write for them. He knows ALL the rhymes for “love.”


From “I’m sure I’ve got this” to “We’re all gonna die” real quick.

5. Maybelline

She’s most certainly not born with it.

4. Bic

Providing you pens and lighters that will be stolen in minutes.

3. Yelp

Karens of the world, unite.

2. The Onion

We used to be satire before it died.

1. The North Face

Be a true explorer.

If I had an honest slogan for my personal brand, it would probably be something like “Avoid when hungry.”

If you had a slogan for yourself, what would it be?

Tell us in the comments.