I can honestly say that I will pretty much eat ANYTHING on a burger…

And I mean ANYTHING.

But I must be weird, because some people feel pretty strongly about things that can instantly ruin a burger.

So let’s give them a platform and hear what they had to say about this

Only the good stuff.

“Nothing k**ls a burger faster than a bad tomato.

I will only eat tomato on a burger if it’s red and in season.

Miss me with that sad, pink, ethylene gassed bulls**t.

An awful experience.

“I do enjoy sauces on a burger, but to a point.

If I end up having to hold a soggy mess, I’m not going to enjoy the burger nearly as much.

Also tall burgers. The two also go together to make an awful burger experience.”


“Watery old lettuce.

One time I got a burger with terrible lettuce…it tasted like it came straight out of a lake.

From then I avoid that place saying “they have lake lettuce”.”

That’s nasty.

“I once ordered a breakfast burger that was advertised as having, among other toppings, ‘egg.’

I imagine a nice fried egg or at least a scrambled egg patty of sorts.

No, the monstrosity that came out had a quartered, hard-boiled egg on it. Just terrible – what self-respecting chef would serve that?”

Just say no…to soggniess.

“Nothing worse than taking a bite of a soggy bun.

Also the reason why I don’t like tomatoes in my burger.”

Way too big.

“Being too big to fit in your mouth.


Might as well just throw it all on a plate, and call it “deconstructed burger”.”

Here’s the deal…

“If I can’t bite it without the entire thing losing structural integrity

Related, giant patties suck. Multiple thin patties are the way to go if you want a meaty burger.”

A bit over the top.

“Excessive height.

“Our artisan burger is topped with bacon, pulled pork, a fried egg, quick pickled red onion, rosemary hashbrown patty, beer battered onion rings, house made Sriracha aoli, house made ketchup, four alarm chili, a large Papa John’s pizza and topped off with lettuce and tomato. “”


“When they cost over $20.

Four or five years ago, $13 was an expensive burger and about where I draw the line.

Now the norm is $15+.”


“Unmelted cheese.

Imagine taking your first bite and everything is warm and fresh, then your teeth hit a fu**ing ice block.”

A huge mess.

“Too much sauce just makes a mess.

The sauce just falls off the hambuger and makes a mess in case you dont have a plate.”

What’s the point?

“If I gotta unhinge my jaw like a snake to eat something, I’m not ordering it.

It’s incredibly annoying and a lot of work.

A burger should be a hand held food.

If I need a knife and fork, what’s the point?”

A hot take.

“Definitely mayonnaise.

How did so many burgers in America default to automatically putting mayo on burgers?

The fact I have to say no mayo on every burger I buy these days bothers me.”

What do you think?

Sound off in the comments and let your voice be heard!

Thanks in advance!