It’s okay to flex once in a while

Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t do it all the time, okay?

And today we’re gonna hear from AskReddit users about their biggest flexes.

Let’s take a look!

1. Great work!

“I’ve dropped 60 lbs in a little over 10 months from my max weight (339 lbs) and I’m in the best shape of my life going into my freshman year in college.

I’ve been sober from nicotine and ma**juana for 8 months going strong too.”

2. Off the grid.

“I lived entirely off the grid for 2 months.

In that time I learned to make a fire using only my hands with resources I gathered myself. I learned how to navigate with map and compass.

I learned how to hunt and gather to sustain myself. And by far the most important thing I learned was how to love myself again.”

3. Boom!

“Getting a PhD.

I’m the first and only college graduate in my immediate family, and I’ve never paid a cent of tuition (all scholarships and assistantships).”

4. We believe you…

“I can eat an entire family sized bag of Gardetto’s in one sitting with no beverage.

Go ahead, dare me to do it (again).”

5. On the right track.

“I just bought my first car (I’m 19) while starting my second year of college with zero loans and only paying $3,000 a year out of pocket.”

6. Meeting with The Boss.

“I was invited by President Obama to come to the White House as a guest to meet him.

I met him in the Oval Office, and had a conversation with him for 30 minutes or so. “

7. Falling in love.

“I made a comeback out of the friend zone.

Got friend zoned by my crush back in high school.

Reconnected with her in 2019 and now we’re very happily engaged.”

8. That’s amazing.

“I speak 5 languages, 4 fluently enough for business and 1 I am still learning but can quite survive in the country it is spoken.

I don’t talk about it much because people think you brag and they doubt me if I say it but I don’t care, I think it’s really cool and don’t need to prove myself to others.”

9. Natural athlete.

“I am stupidly good at almost any sport.

Like it doesn’t matter if I haven’t played it before, I learn how to do it almost at the instant.”

10. Go on with your bad self.

“I play 10 instruments, and have released an full-band album where every song is written by me and every instrument is performed by me.”

11. A big accomplishment.

“Neither of my parents went past the eighth grade, but I got a graduate degree from Vanderbilt and taught history in college.”

12. Nice job!

“A random baby has my first name as his because I delivered him in the middle of Mexico’s countryside.

Still in contact with him.

He’s doing good.”

13. A person of many talents.

“I have 20 years in fine carpentry, fine furniture, architecture, metalwork, machining, CAD, CNC, laser cutting, designing and hand soldering analog and digital circuitry, plumbing, residential electrical, illustrating and wrote a children’s book.

If you tell me to build, fix, design or code something, I can do it.”

What’s YOUR biggest flex?

Tell us all about it in the comments.

Thanks, friends!