What would you say if your friend asked you a really huge favor? Depending upon what the favor is, if it was a close friend, you’d probably do anything to help that friend out.

But what if she wants your husband to be a sperm donor? That might be a tougher sell. One journalist was asked this question and offered his advice.

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First off, that’s a HUGE ask, and you probably feel as though your friend has crossed the line.

When speaking to her a little empathy goes a long way. She probably needs some kind of support to have even asked that question in the first place.

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Everyone knows that having a kid a really huge consideration, this is not a request for a ride to the airport.

This is someone that your husband will be responsible for the rest of his life, and you will too, indirectly. Listen to your gut.

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Sperm donation does happen among people who know each other, but there’s a lot of thought, tact, and nuance that goes into the asking, none of which we see here.

There’s a lot to consider when doing this—family history, medical compatibility, the donor’s anonymity.

In this case, with “cute” or “well-behaved” requisites for a child, it’s obvious she hasn’t thought about it as much as she should.

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Also, she mentions that you and she could raise your kids “like siblings.” What does that even mean?!? Does she want a donor or something else entirely?

People on Buzzfeed weighed in…

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And yeah, things got awkward…

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Because how ON EARTH would she think a baby would be easy?

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And about that sperm donation…

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So, if you were in this situation, would you still help her out or would you give pause?

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