You gotta admit that the possibilities are pretty much endless.

I’m referring to what any of us would be able to buy if we suddenly were flush with BIG money.

It sure is fun to think about…

What would you buy first if you came into a lot of cash?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. That specific car.

“My S/O has always dreamt of driving a Porsche.

A very specific model, color, etc. He has it as his screen saver.

I would get him that car.”

2. For sale.

“So the trailer park I grew up in is for sale, and they want 3.5 Million Dollars for it.

They’ve been periodically raising the rent every three months for decades now, and have driven the place into a horrid drug ridden slum. They drove out good people, and let the place fall apart. The well isn’t safe to drink, it’s right under high way, the stores have turned to rubble, you can sometimes hear dog fighting rings going on at night, domestic v**lence fights are the norm, every once in a while you can hear someone getting raped, and by the time the police arrive nothing gets done.

It’s a horrible community. If I ever get the money to do so, I am going to buy that park, and burn it to the ground. There is nothing but bad memories in that hellhole.”

3. Take care of it.

“Go to the dentist, optometrist, and doctor without worrying that whatever needs to be done won’t cause financial ruin.”

4. Here’s the plan.

“The Washington Football Team and then rename them the D.C. Dragons because dragons are tight.”

5. Fun!

“I’d hire a team of architects to design a big house and put in a bunch of secret passageways and rooms and not tell me how to find them so I can have fun discovering them over time.”

6. What a feeling!

“First fun purchase after setting up my investments would be driving to the airport without a ticket and buying it at the counter right then.”

7. Step by step.

“Hire a lawyer.

Hire a Financial Adviser.

Invest in stock.

Become Philanthropist after taking care of family and friends.”

8. Got it all figured out.

“Pay off the mortgage, put money away for my daughter’s schooling.

Buy a cottage in Maine by the shore.”

9. Nothing too crazy.

“Get a financial planner and continue to live a modest life.

Make sure daughter is financially set for life with a trust that pays out incrementally. Make sure she has good schools and enriching life. I’d buy a slightly larger home and set aside enough for taxes and maintenance for decades. A home that I can get old in and not have to worry about stairs and such. Hire a cleaning team.

Buy a modest, newer car and a golf cart for bopping around (probably my one silly thing). Go down to part time at work. Still gotta work and maintain structure. Use extra time to help give back to the community and to causes close to my heart. Ultimately nothing dramatic or crazy. Keep a normal life and set a positive example for my daughter.”

10. Nice and quiet.

“Four sections of good pastureland. For those who don’t know, that’s 2,560 acres, 4 square miles.

I’d build in the center and never have a neighbor less than a mile from me.”

11. Yes!

“I’d straight up build a castle, with secret passage ways, a wall that can be climbed for when I’m overthrown and need to k**l the current king, non lethal traps, ball pit, trampoline, functional guillotine, a watch tower, and an above ground pool.”

12. Cool idea.

“I’d buy a restaurant and let people run pop-ups to try to launch their concepts. This is my dream business.

And there’s an old school building around here that I’d buy in a heartbeat if that money came in.

Put all the equipment my chef’s heart desires in the old kitchen space. Invite some line cooks with big eyes to do their pop-ups or use it as a commissary.

When chefs aren’t around? I’ve got my own skills. I’d host fundraisers and arts clubs. Rent it out for wedding receptions too.

I used to help run a quarterly magazine. Two of us did everything but the writing out of a basement. A couple of rooms–maybe even a floor–would bank you an office space for whatever publishing adventure.

The best part? There’s fields out back. Baseball, track, basic stuff. But something to host rec leagues and community kids’ leagues.”

13. Wouldn’t that be nice?

“House cleaner and personal assistant.

Then I could spend more time with family and friemds doing the things I enjoy.”

14. Let’s go!

“I’d buy a whole apartment building/really big house and let my friends live in it with me while charging them only the bare minimal needed to keep the house bills paid with no mark up.

Because living in New York is kinda tough especially as college students.”

15. Make some music.

“Fully fund my own recording studio, buy all the gear I want for it, all the instruments, the best space, dump money on making the atmosphere amazing, high quality acoustic treatment, a private bar, a s**king area, and a lounge.

And then run it as a business. Primarily it would be for my own projects, though.”

16. The high seas.

“Some kind of sailboat I can live on for weeks at a time.

Solar panels, water filtration, plenty of storage for food.

Then I quit my job, and start collecting stamps in my passport.”

17. Turn it around.

“I’d buy the Astros and rebuild as a classy organization.

Take down the 2017 banner and trade the remnants of that team.”

18. The compound.

“A retired missile complex in the Rocky Mountains, those usually include about 100 acres of land and well over 200k sq ft of underground base.”

19. Smart.

“Spend money on a top tier financial advisor so I ever have to worry about money again.

After that, probably a new house for the family.”

20. This is gonna be good.

“A fleet of private investigators to start tracking down scammers.

Sick of those phone calls.

Let’s see how you do when I open a call centre to call you 24/7.”

21. I like this…

“I’d buy my own island.

I’d build homes for a select group of friends and family members, along with a cafe, gym, and pub.”

22. Nice and slow.

“Buy property in Wyoming or Montana – near the Rocky Mountains – and put a small or reasonably sized cabin on the land, have a barn built, grow crops, build furniture…. basically live off of the land.

The foolish thing to do when you come into money, is to start spending it like crazy. Always have money incoming, when you have money outgoing. I lived off of a trust fund, and had budgeted money for a while, but did not save that money, and then when the trust account was closed out, the remainder of the money which was allotted to me was $100,000 but subtract about $20,000 paid to the government in taxes.

The money was spent within 2 years. Stupid people spend all their money, and all we have are cautionary tales to give at the end of our bank accounts.”

23. Family.

“My sister’s house. I used to live there.

It’s a property owned by my parents. They told me they were selling so I needed to move out.

Except they didn’t sell, they let me sister live there because she committed a felony and lost her job.”

24. Interesting…

“I’d fund three aquariums/ zoos.

All of these would be designed with the highest regard for animal welfare and conservation.

One would be best, most state-of-the-art aquarium/zoo/amusement park ever. Admission as cheap as I could economically make it (free ideally, but even with a ridiculous endowment from me and generous donations, you probably need some recurring revenue to cover operating costs. Generous discounts for students and those of limited means).

Snatch a bunch of people from the Georgia Aquarium and Disney to run it. To staff it, I’d try to find kids like me who always loved nature, the ones who would have majored in marine biology if they thought it’d pay at all. Provide a magical experience that’s both educational and fun.

One would be a super fancy event venue, except I’m not renting it to the jet set. It’d be for Bar Mitzvahs, proms, and fraternity formals. Luxury hotel attached. Incredible bar and kitchen. Great DJs and cover bands on retainer.

And one would be in my house, for pure James Bond villain vibes.”

25. I’m on board with this.

“I’d buy a roller rink to skate in anytime I want to.

It’s my thing, and I don’t like dodging people’s kids when I practice my tricks.”

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