We all like to daydream about hitting it big and having our lives changed dramatically, right?

You know it!

But what would you actually do if you woke up and you had a billion dollars?

Let’s see how folks on AskReddit answered that question.

1. A new identity.

“Transfer it off shore, pull enough out for a new identity, and set up a new life in a non extradition country, and continue living my life as normal.

If no one comes looking for it, I can always transfer it back. But if they start asking about it, poof.”

2. Time to chill.

“There’s a five star hotel, just a minute walking distance from my home.

I’d get up, walk there, book their best suite and spend a couple days just lying in bed, ordering everything I might need…”

3. Uh oh…

“Find a few really good lawyers and financial advisors to keep me on the straight and narrow.

I would make so many mistakes so fast.

The first mistake will be choosing a lawyer who gets me into legal problems, and a financial advisor who robs me blind.”

4. Got it all figured out.

“I’d hire lawyers and financial advisers to keep an eye on my lawyers and financial advisers and hire a company to audit the lawyers and financial advisers who were hired to keep an eye on my original lawyers and financial advisers.

And then hire another company to audit the auditors who are auditing the lawyers and financial advisers who were hired to keep an eye on the lawyers and financial advisers I originally hired to manage my money.

Then, maybe at that point I could enjoy being a billionaire.”

5. Yes!

“Wouldn’t it be cool to dump like a million dollars in an account and set ALL your bills to auto pay and just forget about them for years?”

6. Pay it all off.

“Make a cup of coffee. Sit at the computer. Go to each account and pay it off mortgage, student loans, car, credit card, etc.

Then, I take my wife out to breakfast so we can discuss how we are going to love our lives now.”

7. Get happy!

“”Lawyer up. Always lawyer up.

Transfer it all to a place where it can generate proper interest. That way, even if it is a mistake and they correct it in a few months, I could probably live off the interests alone.

In case no mistake was admitted, set up a fund that will create a fund for anyone I deem worthy. Set them up so that they can’t f**k it up, only use it to live comfortably.

Focus on making myself happy.”

8. Do my laundry!

“First thing is hire a personal assistant.

I’m tired of doing chores and errands.”

9. See ya later.

“I’d probably go travelling indefinitely and do wildlife photography, and maybe try to find some conservation project.”

10. Keep it quiet.

“Not tell anyone.

Quietly pay off my parents’ debt, give them some money to live off of so they can travel, give some to my sisters, pay off my college, give some to my closest friends and extended family, and not say a thing.

If anybody asks, we saved money. The rest, I’ll save for myself and my future family, and give away to charities and natural disaster cleanup organizations.”

11. Taking care of the family.

“Just create a different irrevocable trust fund for each family member with a few million in it, and have a lawyer deliver the paperwork to your families saying a long lost relatives decided to leave it to them.

Make sure you have the lawyer deliver the same documents to you so you don’t give it away.

Meanwhile keep the lions share in a secret trust account for yourself.”

12. Snoozin’.

“Call in sick.

Go back to bed.

Have the best sleep I have ever experienced.”

Now it’s your turn.

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