Wooooo, boy, this is gonna be fun!

Because all of us know that there are a whole lot of subtle signs that hint at someone not being the brightest bulb of the bunch.

So let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this!

1. Oh, boy…

“Believing everything they read on social media.

I mean, schools have CAT LITTER boxes in the bathrooms for the Furries!

Didn’t you hear?”

2. Ugh.

“Buying a new car when you’re broke AF.

I have a friend who is broke af, already barely making ends meet, what does she do a few months ago? Buy a TRUCK. When gas is $5 a gallon.

Now she can’t even afford to take her kid to the dentist when he has cavities so bad his teeth hurt. P**ses me off to see, honestly.”

3. Buzzwords.

“Uses only empty buzzwords in their conversations.

I’ve got a coworker who only communicates in phrases like “situational awareness” and “following breadcrumbs” and asks for meetings to “amplify our synergy.”

This person was promoted beyond their level of competence and has no idea how to do the job.”

4. Won’t budge.

“The inability, or unwillingness, to change one’s opinion when confronted with new information.

If a person digs their heels in no matter how much they’re proven wrong on a given topic, they’re not smart.”

5. Narrow-minded.

“Thinking their opinion/ perspective is also everyone else’s.

Thinking ‘no one does that’ because they don’t do that.”

6. A lot of this going around.

“I’ve noticed that the dumber someone is, the dumber they assume everyone else is.

Smarter people will often try to see the other side of an argument (assuming there’s nothing else at play, like low self esteem).

People with lower intelligence often assume that people who disagree with them are simply dumb because they imagine their arguments to be dumb.”

7. Ridiculous.

“Thinking people speaking a second language imperfectly means the person is stupid.

I worked in a PT clinic where one of the therapists was taking on Spanish speaking patients so he could improve his Spanish. He wasn’t great but he was definitely improving. It also allowed to him to widen his patient list so he could be more valuable to the team.

The other non-Spanish speaking therapists were making fun of him. It boggles my mind.”

8. Boggles the mind.

“Lack of curiosity.

You ever had to train or work with someone who just has no desire to know anything beyond what you’re telling them or the why behind what they’re doing? Every instruction needs to be laid out in painstaking detail?

If an issue arises, there’s no desire to understand why or attempt to fix it, they just error out and stand there waiting for instruction? It’s like programming a computer, but the computer is a human potato.”

9. Happens a lot.

“Getting sucked into the “easy and fast money” scheme du jour.

MLMs, NFTs, Pyramid Schemes, “investments”… you name it.”

10. Definitely.

“People who think they know everything are generally not very bright.

Smarter people will defer questions to qualified and experienced individuals because they are acutely aware of their own limitations, and that’s what helps make them smart.

They’re not scared to admit they lack knowledge in certain topics or fields. And they will learn from that more experienced person to add to their library of knowledge and experience.

Stupid people don’t know they’re stupid, they think they know everything, and won’t seek out more experienced people and admit to their limitations, admit they don’t know fuck’all about certain things.”

11. Bingo!

“Judging an idea or concept based purely upon some people who follow it, and not the concept itself.

For example, believing veganism as a concept is bad just because you had a bad experience with a vegan.

It’s subtle because people do this all the time with everything. Making arguments that mislead others by only showing the bad apples to support an illusion that the thing as a whole is also bad.”

12. Absolutely.

“People who mock others who are intelligent but weren’t able to get a higher education.

Assuming that they can’t be intelligent unless they followed the traditional education path.”

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