It can be hard to love yourself sometimes.

You get into a rut, you’re too hard on yourself, and you think you can’t do anything right or that you’ll never be truly happy.

But you have to power through it, folks!

AskReddit users got real about what’s holding them back from loving themselves.

Take a look at what they had to say.

1. Can’t decide…


Can’t make a choice and yet I see people my age and younger already way ahead because they knew what they wanted to do.”

2. Holding on.

“A part of me that’s holding onto all the sh**ty things people said to me as a teenager, and also my tendency to compare myself.

Still trying to work on myself to let go of all that, hoping one day I’ll get there.”

3. Need some help.

“I have really bad anxiety.

I h**e all human beings and yet crave companionship.

Someone send help.”

4. Feeling distant.

“I really don’t know if other people have problems like this but I just feel so distant with everything and everyone I interact with. I have a slightly different personality for every person I talk to and I h**e it so much.

That issues stems from the fact, I just feel like I don’t have any emotions at all. I can’t remember the last time I was happy, sad, angry, or content. My emotions just feel like a melancholic state of nothing 24/7 and I h**e it so much.”

5. Barely surviving.

“I feel that I’m not intelligent, I have the worst memory so it doesn’t help.

I have body dysmorphia and insecurities that I can’t hide when communicating with others face to face. I always think people are judging me when talking to them, but I’m the one doing that everyday.

These days I even feel unmotivated and want to quit somethings but I’m literally forcing my happiness to not dissapoint others. I feel that I’m not living for me anymore.

I’m just barely surviving.”

6. Broken.

“I got cheated on while I was pregnant, I never wanted kids because I didn’t want the possibility for the kids to grow up in a broken home, well guess what, trusted the wrong person.

And that person literally shattered my whole being, if I didn’t look at my kid after I gave birth, I wouldn’t be here. I don’t love myself, I dont know myself, I dont trust myself.

I’m currently looking for a way so I can’t have anymore kids but I have getting told no because of how young I am, and if I was to get with anyone else it would be solely for my kid to have a father figure.

I am broken, terrified and over it all, my kid is the only reason why I’m trying, they deserve the world.”

7. Overweight.

“My weight.

People without weight problems have no idea how soul crushing being overweight can be. You are constantly judged for your weight and for not being disciplined enough to change it.

I know my weight gain is due to antidepressants and diet and exercise can only do so much.”

8. Working on it.

“Depression from a divorce from my ex who managed to k**l my sense of self worth during our relationship.

Working on it, but it’s a long way to go.”

9. High standards.

“Standards I’d never hold anyone else to.

I talk to myself in a way I’d also never allow anyone else to as well.”

10. Self-esteem.

“An almost non existent self esteem.

It was slowly k**led during many years of being a social outcast. And repeatedly being told that I am slow, lazy, out of shape, and that I would end up all alone and unloved living in a relative’s basement.

At 34 I am not fat, I am in ok shape, I work hard, I have my own house and a wife. But the things that happened during the formative years have a bad habit of staying with you.”

11. Bad all around.

“Genuine contempt for the world.

I was raised in a v**lent, a**sive environment and it left a lot of marks.

It’s easy to not feel much now, which has helped as much as it’s caused problems. I can love other people, I think. But not myself.”

12. Rejected.

“The repeated rejection from both of my parents, and emotional a**se from my mom. I’m 42 and my mother still manages to mess with my head despite me going low contact years ago.

I’m better but it’s not like that stuff ever truly goes away.”

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