Folks, let’s take a moment to tip our hats to all the teachers out there who are doing great work.

Because it’s the understatement of the year to say that they have to put up with all kinds of BS from kids on a daily basis.

And now let’s hear from teachers about the craziest reasons they had to discipline students!

1. Wow.

“One kid kept st**bing another kid in the neck with a needle.

The kid getting st**bed didn’t feel it, but I saw it.

The st**ber was sent to the office, and the other kid was none the wiser.”

2. OMG.

“I was in my final trainings to be a teacher and working at an elementary school, first grade class and one of my duties was helping kids struggling with their reading.

One girl named Taylor told me that her mom told her that she was too pretty to know how to read. She was d**d serious.

I end up calling her mom to get this sorted and she comes to the school after the kids had left and tries to f**k me to get her daughter better grades.”

3. The juice.

“I teach high school math.

Two kids come into class earlier. One of them pulls a bottle of purple liquid out of his bag, turns and looks me directly in the eye and then stage whispers to his buddy “Dude, smell this!” His buddy takes a big whiff and the two of them start giggling like children.

So I walk over and ask them to hand me the bottle. They both stare directly at the floor and put their hands behind their back. Buddy mumbles that if they don’t touch it, I can’t say it’s theirs. As if I hadn’t already seen this whole exchange.

I pick up the bottle and immediately smell that it’s al**hol. They got a trip to the office and a two week vacation from school, and came back still completely confused as to how I knew something was up with the “juice” in the bottle.”

4. Bizarre.

“Each morning I let my kids talk about whatever they want for five minutes. Kinda like show and tell for teenagers.

One morning a kid opens the comment portion by just saying “Kobe!” That’s it. No elaboration, nothing. A kid in the back says, “Man, Kobe sucks.” First kid was super offended. “What?!? Yo MAMA sucks!”

Before I could even register the craziness that was happening, the second kid is out of his chair, over the tables, and wailing away on the first kid’s face. I had to write up a report of what happened, and the office staff kept saying I needed to finish the report. “This can’t be everything that happened!” Oh, but it was. Utterly bizarre.”

5. Uh oh.

“In 2000, was monitoring the computer lab during lunch, and walked behind a kid. He was looking up gay p**n.

I felt bad for the kid but i cant have a kid looking up porn, so I sent him to the office.

I ommitted what kinda p**n he was looking at. He looked at me witih pleading eyes and i just told him, “I understand, but you cant do that at school.””

6. Off to the office.

“During a test a student decided he wanted to see what would happen if he put a paper clip in an outlet, there was a flash, the paperclip clip flew across the room and my clock shorted out.

Had a quick lesson about electrical current, then off to the office.”

7. This kid!

“I had a student sneak a gas cooker and his mom’s pork chops into school in a large backpack.

He cooked pork chops for his friends at lunchtime. He was sent to the office for unsafe behaviour, his mom was PI**ED he took her pork chops she was preparing for dinner.”

8. What happened was…


Having to explain to a parent that his son dangled his nuts in the face of another student was mortifying.”

9. Ouch!

“In 1988 I sent a 7th grade male student to the office on a Monday morning because he was bleeding profusely from a botched n**ple piercing he had performed on himself the night before.

He pulled up his shirt and it looked like 2/3 of his nipple was missing. The blood had soaked the front of his shirt.”

10. North Philly.

“7th grader in north Philly went into the teachers “lounge” (which was a small room that had a fridge and a table that sat 4-6 teachers) took a teachers meatball hoagie out of the fridge and threw it down the fire exit stairs.

This kid had 12 pages of single space 10pt times new Roman of write ups in powerschool. Never got expelled, just wasn’t allowed to enroll after 8th grade. This kid was a complete a**hole.”

11. Intense.

“Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Was working as an intern and was helping the students. One student picks up his backpack, opens it up, pull a pin of c**aine and snorts it like it was nothing.

The teacher and I looked at each other and he told me to lead the kid to the office. Mind you, the kid was 14.

This was a upper middle class school.

To this day I’m still stunned, horrified and impressed.”

12. You’re gonna get sick…

“Was sitting at my desk one day and a student calls out “hey mister watch this” and then brandishes a bottle of Listerine mouthwash and chugs it down in 5 seconds.

He then burps and asks if he could go to the nurse so I kindly sent him on his way.”

Do you have any stories like this?

If so, let us know in the comments.

Thanks in advance!