I know my answer to this question

Are you ready for it…?

Paul Rudd.

I mean, how can you not like the guy?!?!

He’s funny, charming, makes good movies, and seems like an all-around good guy.

But that’s just my opinion.

Let’s see what folks on AskReddit had to say about this.

1. A great one.

“Steve Buscemi.

During 9/11 the man went down to his old firehouse and volunteered.

A fu**ing hero! No one can h**e him.”

2. Remember him?

“Brendan Fraser.

Dude went through hell both physically & emotionally from back injuries & being s**ually violated and is finally coming back to Hollywood.

Dude is as friendly and humble as he ever was and I wish him the best.”

3. Class act.

“Julie Andrews.

I’ve met her, had a cup of tea with her in her house. Every bit as charming and as personable as you could ever imagine.

The definition of a class act.”

4. Legend!

“Christopher Lee.

Fought in WWII, played Dracula, a wizard, a Sith Lord, and many other roles.

He also was in a metal band.”

5. We all miss him.

“John Candy.

The warmth, love, and honesty he brought to all of his roles was second to none.

If I d** and go to heaven, it will be walking into a warm bar on a cold day and John turns to me with that big smile and offers me a beer and a seat next to him.


6. Renowned actress.

“Dame Judy Dench.

I never see anyone talking any s**t about her.

She’s renowned for her acting and her personality, all things considered.”

7. Nice guy.

“Rick Moranis.

I mean, the guy literally gave up his acting career to be a full time Stay-At-Home Dad when his wife d**d…”

8. Yes!

“LeVar Burton.

Great actor, host of a treasured children’s show, and never involved in any kind of drama from what I can remember.”

9. The best.

“Mister Rogers.

Anyone in Pittsburgh will beat your a** for saying something negative about Fred Rogers.

Even the nuns.”

10. Good to know.

“Steve Zahn.

I’ve never heard a bad word about him, he plays really quirky parts, and my stepdad went to high school with him.”

11. Hello, Dolly!

“Dolly Parton.

Dolly has an amazing sense of humor and is so approachable and kind. When there was a fire in pigeon forge TN and many were displaced she gave families money for a certain amount of time.

It didn’t seem like much per family but in rural TN esp in the residential areas there’s a lot of poverty so prices aren’t as high there. Also she is unafraid to advocate for so many causes and groups. She is a DOLL.

She’s part of TN that I’m not ashamed of. She will definitely speak to you if you ever meet her. Love her! I’ve said it already but her humor is the best.”

12. The Fonz!

“Henry Winkler is maybe the name I hear the most often when other actors are talking about the “nicest celebrity”.”

13. You know it.

“Keanu Reeves.

He was at Comicon and the room adored him.

Everything I’ve read or heard talking about him is positive.”

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