Audrey Hepburn exuded class and grace, and she portrayed characters who did the same. In 1961, the legendary Hepburn played Holly Golightly, a character whose style of dress we still remember today.

Hepburn wore a black dress, gloves, and accessories that left a lasting impression on generations to come. Hubert de Givenchy, founder of the famous Givenchy brand is behind the design of this iconic dress.


Givenchy and Hepburn first met in 1953 on the set of Sabrina. Hepburn thought it would be great to confer with a well-known designer, and she turned to Givenchy in 1961 when she was cast in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The actor wanted another great look to accompany her character.

Of course, it took more than one try to get the look right. Givenchy designed a shorter version of the black dress that film executives felt would show too much of Hepburn’s skin.

The lower part of the dress was redesigned, ending in the black dress we all know and love today. Hepburn’s dress recalls the original ‘little black dress,’ made popular by Coco Chanel.

Of course, the dress isn’t the only distinguishable part of Holly Golightly’s wardrobe. The elegant gloves, tiara, and pearl necklace also make the dress look even more luxurious. Even the Washington Post has shared the reasons why Hepburn’s dress is so iconic.


Bet you didn’t know the history of one dress can get so complicated, but Givenchy and Hepburn delivered a piece of wardrobe that remains seared in our memory.

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