You’ll stay away from that laundry if you know what’s good for you!

Kind of sounds like a threat, doesn’t it?

You bet it does!

And this woman wants to know if she was out of line for what she said to her sister.

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AITA for berating my sister for doing my husband’s laundry?

“My f31 sister f23, moved in with me and my husband m29 a week ago. She does not contribute money but takes on lots of house chores as a way to compensate for it. She’d cook, clean, organize, vacuum..etc.

Yesterday, I was at work and came home and found that she’d done my husband’s laundry. I was stunned as I felt this was…not her place nor was it appropriate because for one I always do his laundry and more importantly, I did not think it was appropriate for her to be looking at his underwear.

She downplayed the whole thing saying it was no big deal and that she saw that I was struggling with work and then kids and wanted to help me by doing the laundry. I told her she shouldn’t have done it but my husband didn’t react and she used that to support her argument saying no one thinks it’s a big deal except me.

We argued and she shut me down then started crying saying she meant well and was trying to help out. But I couldn’t help but think this was not her place.

My husband told me to drop it but I can’t shake this weird feeling I got. He told me I should apologize to her for berating her but I refused.”

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