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AITA for blowing up at my husband for messing with my alarm and causing me to miss my exam?

“I f23 have been married to my husband m26 for a year.

I’m in my last year of university and been so so busy for the last two weeks, with many projects and finals looming. My husband complains from seeing me studying and not doing activities together or hanging out with friends anymore. I’ve told him it’s not gonna last forever and that I need to focus because this is my last year and it’s been the hardest.

The day before the exam he wanted me to go with him to a friend’s birthday party. I refused because I was busy preparing for my exam. he pleaded with me saying it’s just one hour and talked about how his friends will be upset if I’m not there. I said no and shut down any further discussions. He got upset and called me selfish and inconsiderate but then dropped it.

Before I went to bed, I set my alarm clock like I always do since I’m a heavy sleeper+I stayed up late studying. The next morning I woke up at 9am. I literally freaked out and checked my alarm and found that it was set to go off at 9:30 am.

I had no idea how this happened til my husband told me he did this to repay me for refusing to take one, one hour to attend the party so he took this hour from my time. I couldn’t believe it I absolutely blew up at him just yelling and screaming at him left and right. He just stood there shocked from my reaction and my rage. I got dressed quickly and rushed to the university.

They didn’t let me into the exam hall. I got into a lot of hassle to get them to re-schedule the exam especially since I had no legit reason as to why I was late. It was awful is all I can say.

I went home and my husband and I stopped speaking to each other. He kept acting as if I hurt his feelings and traumatized him by yelling. And that I deserve what he did since he was frustrated with my continual refusal to attend all events for the past 2 weeks. I might be wrong for not considering it but I think that my exams should be a priority and his way of “teaching me a lesson” was not right.”

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