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If you can’t trust your therapist, who can you trust?

Check out this story and see if you think this woman is an a**hole for the lies she told to her therapist.

AITA for telling my therapist lies because I suspected she was telling my husband what I was telling her during our sessions?

“I started seeing a therapist 6 months ago because I had postpartum depression. At first, she really helped me but then I noticed on two occasions my husband mentioned things I hadn’t told him but I had confided in my therapist.

Since I had no proof and I didn’t want to accuse either of them, I decided to tell my therapist lies that I knew he would confront me on if he heard them to see if I was being delusional or not. The more I lied to her, the more suspicious I became too since even things that made my husband look awful, was challenged by her and twisted to make him look good.

It took a while for him to confront me but he did. At first, he never believed I was lying during those sessions but when I finally convinced him I was, he was still furious at me. He said he only wanted to make sure I was okay and he hadn’t been using the therapist to spy on me.


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Another individual said her husband is the a**hole here and it sounds like he might be cheating on her with the therapist.

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And this person said it sounds like what the therapist is doing is illegal.

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