What is this slop?!?!

I’m supposed to eat this?!?!

Hmmm…that doesn’t sound too good, does it?

But that’s what we’re dealing with here, folks!

And we want to know if you think this woman is an a**hole for not eating food the way it was made.

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AITA for not eating what was made for me as it was served?

“I gave birth two months ago, and everyone says I should be eating less because I’m not eating for two anymore, but I’m actually hungrier now than I was before.

My SiL said she was also really hungry after giving birth, but says it’s your body tricking you and you have to ignore it. She said to be careful, because I’m much shorter than she is and will gain weight faster. She offered to bring me some food to help out.

Yesterday she brought over lunch for everyone, and it was a salad. I was pretty hungry, because I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, so I added boiled eggs from the fridge and some cheese.

My SiL said I turned her low-fat meal into a fatty one and defeated the point of her bringing food over for me. She pointed out that my husband, who is taller and more muscular than me, didn’t add anything to his lunch.

I said I was hungry, so I had to add things. She was upset and left. My husband thinks I should have just eaten the salad as it was and eaten a snack afterwards so as not to hurt her feelings. Maybe he’s right, and I was ungrateful. But when I’m hungry I want to eat what I want.”

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One person said she’s NTA and she SHOULD be hungry.

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Another person said her sister-in-law sounds a little bit too involved in this…

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And one individual said it sounds like these people are trying to give her an eating disorder.

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