Hey, maybe cake isn’t for everyone, ya know…?

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Well, all I can say is that things seem like they are getting heated and a woman wants to know if she’s an a**hole for not having cake for a kid’s birthday.

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AITA for not having cake for her birthday?

“I (34f) have two boys (10m and 8m) and my husband “Dirk” (40m) has a daughter from another relationship “Gwen” (just turned 6f). We are a healthful household and we teach moderation and controlling how much we take when we have treats. We are also very active and every day strive to get the boys moving.

However, Gwen is only here two weekends a month, and her mother has the exact opposite attitude. In all honesty that woman’s blood type is probably ketchup. Similarly, Gwen is about 20lb heavier than a 5 year old girl is supposed to be.

It makes me sad for this child and her health so when we get her I try to teach Gwen about healthy eating and moving around. We have the boys play with her so she’s getting active, and we make a distinction between foods that are healthy and ones that aren’t.

When I see one of the kids reaching for a “treat” food in the pantry I’ll ask “would you like to make a healthier choice?” And Gwen is really getting it, she’s always going for better choices now and is also asking for fruit at home which is really good.

Gwen’s birthday ended up falling on one of her weekends with us, and while we were talking about what kind of cake to have, I asked Gwen about the healthier choice. My reasoning is unfortunately she’s still getting all that garbage at home, and it’s just not good for a growing girl. She agreed and we decided to have some low fat ice cream so she can still have a sweet treat. It’s a brand Gwen loves and asks for every time she’s here, so she was happy with it.

Until the next day after she went back to mom. Her mom called us furious, she said then when Gwen got home and she asked about her birthday with us and her cake, Gwen started crying because she really did want cake but didn’t want to “make a bad choice”. She accused me of fat shaming her and her daughter and that I owe her a cake and a big apology.

I’m just looking out for the health of a child in my care, but I never said Gwen couldn’t have cake and she could have had one if she said she wanted one. I suggested sticking to ice cream because I care. But did I go about it in a TA way?”

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One reader said she’s an a**hole and this will affect this kid later in life.

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And another Reddit user made it very clear: this is her issue, not the kid’s.

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