How much are doctors REALLY supposed to know about various conditions and problems when they are with their patients?

And what happens when they aren’t 100% sure about what’s going on?

Well, one woman who was visiting her doctor to try to figure out treatment for a cyst shared a video on TikTok where she seemed a little surprised that her doctor was looking on YouTube for information about the situation.

@isabellely6 got their MD at YouTube university #MakeItCinematic #fyp #GameTok ♬ Just a Cloud Away – Pharrell Williams

Here’s what folks on TikTok had to say about this video.

This person seemed annoyed by the video and made an interesting comment.

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And this person added that almost all physicians do this with patients.

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After a lot of comments, the woman who created the video said that she was not trying to offend doctors and just thought the situation was funny.

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A nurse who saw the video said this happens all the time and you actually want a doctor who does this.

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And this TikTokker said that doctors should behave like this.

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Well, it seems like the people have spoken…but we’re not done yet!

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