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AITA for not paying my boyfriend Uber prices for picking me up from work?

“I’m temporarily working somewhere else. It is £20 to get an Uber home. I used the app often enough that I get regular discounts up to 30%. My boyfriend offered to pick me up from work after I told him the price of the Uber sometimes. He got us home. It’s a 30 minute ride, about 20 miles. Afterwards he asked me to pay him; I said fine I don’t mind paying petrol costs. He said I’d have to give him £20 because he went out of his way to get me and I would have given it to the Uber driver anyway. He insists that it makes no sense for me not to pay him what I’d would give to the Uber driver. I told him that’s different because he’s my boyfriend and an Uber driver is a service.

I told him I’d give him £10 which he wasn’t happy about it.

AITA for not giving him what I would give for an Uber driver?

It’s not like I’d pay the price of a Starbucks coffee if my BF made me a cup of coffee.”

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One reader said that she should start charging him for making him food if he’s gonna act like this.

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Another Reddit user made it short and sweet: she should dump this clown.

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This individual pointed out that he was the one who offered to pick her up and then he acted like this…not cool.

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And finally, people in relationships shouldn’t pull things like this…ugh.

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