Guys, guys, guys…when are you gonna learn…?

For the most part, women are smarter, more put-together, and definitely more well-adjusted than us men…

So that means you need to address THEM instead of their boyfriends and husbands next time you’re doing business, okay?

Women on AskReddit talked about times when they were rudely overlooked and ignored because they are…well, women. Let’s take a look.

1. That’s just weird.

“One weekend I decided to treat my bf to a nice dinner out. From the beginning, the waiter addressed him first and paid him more attention.

He got my order wrong. I bet my bf that he would get the check. He took the bet and set about moving everything to his side of the table. Butter plates, glasses, everything. His side was full and mine was nearly empty. The waiter came by and shoved it under my bf’s elbow.

The waiter didn’t get a great tip and my bf was aghast.”

2. A male-dominated industry.

“I’m a pilot and decided to take my boyfriend up on a flight for the first time to a touristy town for a cute little day excursion.

Everything went super smoothly, except when we were walking to the airplane to fly back afterwards: one of the ramp employees saw us and immediately approached my boyfriend. I was far enough away that I couldn’t hear what was being said, but it looked important so I went up to them just as my guy was awkwardly motioning to me like “She’s the pilot, tell her, not me!”

Aviation is still pretty male dominated so I’ve heard stories of something similar happening to other female pilots (it happens a LOT), but it was the first time it’s ever happened to me personally. Needless to say he and I were cracking up the whole flight back!”

3. Date night.

“Took my boyfriend to a very expensive birthday dinner in DC and made sure he got the best wine that night.

The total came to about $400 just for the two of us. I made the initial reservation so our notes stated that I would be treating. Having come from working at a high end restaurant, I’m familiar with proper service steps.

The first strike was when I ordered the wine for us and the server gave the bottle to my boyfriend to approve and taste without giving me the option. Second strike was although I clearly said I was treating, they placed the check in front of my boyfriend…on his birthday.

Finally straw was the manager coming over to introduce himself to my boyfriend. Handshake, banter, the works, without acknowledging me. Happened a second time at the end of the meal.

Two manager visits. And I was the one trying to provide the experience and bankroll the night. They definitely heard about it.”

4. Got some questions, here!

“I made an appointment for taxes and communicated in advance of that appointment. I was a new 1099 worker and had a lot of questions about my taxes.

My husband has always worked a W-2 job , had very few questions, and does not take care of our finances. Every time I asked a question the accountant addressed my husband. All of the paperwork was under his name and the accountant only addressed him in e-mails.

F*ck that guy.”

5. I need a hard hat.

“Went into Home Depot to buy a hard hat for my mother… seemed simple enough.

Was approached by a worker who seemed to be in his 50s. He took one look up and down and said “what’s a pretty thing like you doing here? You look a little lost”.

I told him what I was looking for and that I had found it, and then he continued to question what I needed it for, and if I really knew which one to pick out…. it was quite the experience. Thankfully only a one time event though.”

6. Let’s go elsewhere.

“While buying a car, my dad went with me as my ride and just to make sure I didn’t get ripped off.

He stayed pretty quiet throughout it all, meanwhile I’d ask my list of questions… except every time I asked a question, the salesman would turn to my dad and answer it as if my dad had asked it. Eye contact with him and all. It made both myself and my dad really uncomfortable.

I ended up confronting him about it and he just awkwardly looked at his feet and dodged the question about his behavior, only to ask my dad if he had any further questions and then walking away. Needless to say, we purchased elsewhere.”

7. Happens all the time.

“Multiple times I’ve had this happen…

Shopping for hunting knives with my brother, I was at the counter. The guy stood in front of me and spoke to my brother who was 10 ft behind me and on his phone. We walked out.

Multiple gun shops I’ve been looking at pistols and the salesmen have either ignore me to speak to whichever man I was with (brother, dad, husband, whoever) and some even have the nerve to say, “she’ll like this one best.” To the men.

I hate most when they recommend the pink pistols because it’s pretty and I need a pretty pistol. I hate pink.”

8. Thanks, Dad.

“I’m not married, so when I make large decisions about my house (that I own and paid for) I ask my father to come along as an advisor. (I’m not young, so the female + age = stupidity assumption shouldn’t be there.)

Last year I was replacing all the windows (house was built in 1935) and I made appointments with three different companies. (National, local, hardware store chain.)

The guy from the national company only focused on my father who repeatedly told him “She’s buying the windows, she’s done the research.” (Which was true.) When we sat down at the dining room table to crunch the numbers the guy would only let my dad see the laptop screen.

Finally, my dad said, “Can I see that? I don’t have my glasses.” The guy gave him the laptop and my dad handed it to me.

The second, local company sent a woman rep and there was absolutely no problem at all once I told her it was my house.

The third sent out another man, but he was younger than the first guy (and me) so once I told him my house, my money, he also focused on me.”

9. My name’s on there.

“Every time I take my truck in for something they call my husband or my father to discuss my truck even when I express to call me.

It’s mine, I’m not an idiot, and it’s in my name.”

10. It’s MY grill!

“I bought a grill from Lowe’s during the pandemic and so ordered it for curbside pickup.

Called my “best friend with a truck” who is male. Lowe’s dude is taking forever and he comes outside MULTIPLE TIMES letting him know it’s missing, giving status updates, and apologizing all looking my male friend in the face and ignoring me. Every single time my male friend says, “Talk to her. I’m just the ride.”

Women are allowed to make purchases. We like food too. Friend earned major additional kudos that day for calling out the Lowe’s dude’s s*xism.”

11. Nonexistent.

“Buying furniture at Ashley Home Store.

The (male) sales rep completely ignored me and only asked my husband questions about his preferences, budget, etc. Like I was nonexistent.

The furniture was sh*tty quality anyway so we ended up going to another store and buying from this really kooky lady who was asking us all sorts of questions about us as a couple, our zodiac signs, etc. but was super fun, and we got much nicer pieces.”

12. Whoa.

“My mom told me when she and my dad were first married and buying furniture for their new home, the furniture store wouldn’t accept a check without her husband present, or with a signed note from him authorizing the purchase.

In the 1980s.

In America.

Needless to say they got their furniture from somewhere else.”

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