Guys…it’s time for some real talk today.

Because we’re going to hear from women who took to AskReddit to talk about the biggest misconceptions about their bodies.

So pay attention!

1. Just so you know.

“Not every position works for every body.

For example, I have a tilted uterus, I’m most comfy in doggy.”

2. Normal.

“V**inal discharge is a normal thing.

It also changes consistency (i.e., creamy, sticky, or egg white) or color (i.e., white, clear, cloudy white) depending on our cycles. My partner didn’t know this was a thing – appreciate that’s not really a “misconception” though.

We got to have a cool conversation about how I can quasi monitor my v**inal health and hormonal changes by tracking my discharge. He also didn’t know periods can be chunky.”

3. The Pill.

“I feel like I just become a shell of myself when I was on birth control pills. I can’t remember much and I did one chore and it wiped me out.

I just felt so empty and emotionally stunted.

One week after getting off the pill, I was back to my usual energetic self and the clarity was insane.”

4. Suspense.

“Go slower.

Take your time. Tease a little.

The buildup is as fun as the main event.”

5. Listen up.

“For the love of all that is holy, we cannot “shut off” our periods.

We cannot control it.

Also, no, the v**ina does NOT change shape based on how many people they’ve slept with.”

6. Hard work.

“Breastfeeding is hard work.

Don’t you dare minimize it by saying “you can just make more” if some is spilled or ruined in some way.

That is one instance where crying over spilled milk is completely warranted.”

7. This is important.

“It’s basically impossible to know you’re pregnant until you’re already four weeks pregnant. The pregnancy is dated from your last period, but HCG tests can’t detect pregnancy until around the time that you will miss a period.

Any lawmaker who says that someone had ‘six weeks to make a decision’ is either working from an incomplete knowledge of reproduction or being disingenuous.”

8. Be open.

“Every womans body is different. Some have sensitive n**ples, others have numb.

And most will experience soreness occasionally through out the month due to hormones. Just like the puddi cat (v**ina*), how some women can only climax by c**t and others can by penetration.

Having open communication and a open mind = best experiences.”

9. Meant to be flexible.

“V**inas don’t stretch from the number of s** partners they have.

They’re meant to be flexible, and an aroused v**ina will expand to create a little bit more room for a p**is.

V**inas don’t even really stretch when a human baby is pushed through them.”

10. It is what it is.

“We are hairy.

Legs, pits, arms of course.

But also hair in our face, on our chest, a** cheeks, fingers, toes, ears and belly. They are soft and short, but if you are dark haired this can change fast. Sometimes stray, thick grey or black single beard hairs. Gets worse with age.

Also a lot of us shave off the hair around the anus, because we think it is not feminine, but it is so bad for the situation back there.

Not an ideal situation, that women are supposed to have no body hair, but then a glorious head full of shiny long hair.”

11. Absurd.

“What girls eat while going through puberty does not affect breast size.

I have been told by multiple people that I must not have eaten enough chicken or drank enough milk as a preteen, and therefore my b**bs didn’t get big.


12. Guys…

“The urethra and the v**ina are two separate tubes and work very differently. We don’t pee out of our v**inas and we can’t hold in our periods like urine.

If I have to see/hear about one more adult man not knowing the difference I’m going to lose it.

Y’all spend so much time looking at v**inas online, at least spend 10 seconds looking at a medical diagram of one so you can know what you’re looking at.”

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