Oh, the joys of raising children!

If you have kids, you know there’s never a dull moment!

And we want all the moms and dads out there to enjoy these hilarious tweets about raising those little devils!

Take a look!

1. You know this is true.

Great advice.

2. Can you figure this out?

It’s a mystery.

3. Don’t do it.

It’s gonna be ugly.

4. Sounds great!

He’ll get over it.

5. What’s back there?

Could be anything…

6. How adorable!

What a cute kid you have there.

7. It never ends.

A real chatterbox.

8. Tables have turned.

This is true!

9. Does this sound familiar?

I bet it does!

10. Stay out of here.

Your personal zone.

How are things with your kiddos these days?

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