If there I two things I love in this crazy world it’s tweets and animals.

So why not mash them up?!?!

Oh yeah, baby! That’s what we’re gonna do right now!

Enjoy these tweets about peoples’ furry best friends!

1. Pretty much the same.

Just a little FYI.

2. Just like Einstein.

I’m intimidated!

3. Can’t you see I’m busy?

This could take all day…

4. Ready to go!

You’re the one who bought all the TP?

5. I hear you…

You really don’t need anything else.

6. Listen to the CDC.

Your pets need you!

7. Good luck!

You better come through.

8. The most accurate sign of all time.

You know it’s true!

9. Explain that to me.

It’s just not possible.

10. I’m a big fan of these two!

They’re real beauties!

Now we want to meet your pets!

Share some photos with us in the comments and introduce us.

We can’t wait!