If you ride the subway on a regular basis, then it’s likely that you’ve seen quite a bit of strange shenanigans in your day. Which is to say, it probably takes something pretty darn weird to stick in your memory.

I think these people are the proof in the pudding, because they’ve snapped some images of things that you just don’t regularly see in public.

1. I wonder if it works for legislators.

It’s worth a try.

2. I want to say “live and let live.”

But someone else’s hand is going to touch that pole sooner or later.

This guy…
by inSubwayCreatures

3. Where does the duck need to go?

And why does it need such a good vantage point?



4. Aliens are already here.

We’re all just too nonplussed to ask questions.


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5. No sleep til Brooklyn.

It’s ok to nod off until 23rd St.

Do you think she woke up in Brooklyn?
byu/dervison123 innyc

6. Fashion is all about self expression.

And that is some choice, let me say.

Thanks, I hate ball gag pants
byu/AristonD inTIHI

7. Some things can’t be rushed.

At least, that’s what I hear.


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8. Such a happy boi.

Everyone wants to see that face on their commute.

Saying hey from the NYC Subway
byu/StuffyUnicorn inaww

9. When it’s time for the meeting, it’s time for the meeting.

You can’t be late for these things.

Dude just whipped out this desk on the subway and started his meeting
byu/brdesignguy inpics

10. A dog? No, a dog’s not weird…

Wait. What’s that now?

Spotted on the subway
byu/crazeecatladee innyc

11. What on earth is happening here?

Did someone put him up there? Did he get there himself?



See what I mean? I don’t think you could purge these images from your mind no matter how many strange things you’ve seen in your life.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on the subway? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!