Hey, kids aren’t for everyone…

And, if we’re being honest, kids aren’t even for everyone who has kids…but that’s a topic for another time.

Because today we’re gonna enjoy funny posts about NOT having kids.

Are y’all ready for this?!?!

Let’s start now!

1. Take a minute and analyze what you just said to me…

Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, does it?

2. They come out of the woodwork if you say this.

I already told you! I said no!

3. Look at all that money she’s sleeping with!

Looks pretty nice, huh?

4. Someone just got put in their place.

How about we let people make these decisions for themselves, okay?

5. That’s just creepy and weird.

What year is it, again?

6. Tearin’ it up like Pelosi.

I believe that’s a big, fat NO.

7. I’ve always thought this was a little bit weird.

But what do I know…?

8. Guys…let that sink in.

I have a feeling a lot of them aren’t gonna go for this.

9. Treat yourself to something nice!

Maybe a nice vacation in Hawaii!

10. Adults need some love, too.

Let’s just be careful on the road no matter what, okay?

11. The choice is yours, friends.

So you better choose wisely!

12. Hahaha. Wow, this is good.

She’s doing all she can to fight off that stork.

13. Just treat your pets like your kids, no shame in that!

I just perfectly described your life, didn’t I?

Why do you NOT have kids?

Talk to us in the comments and share your thoughts.

We look forward to it!