You know what I like? A nice warm breeze on a sunny day. That’s kind of my happy place.

I also like a nice, long run with a cool breeze.

Apparently I like breezes quite a bit? Huh.

Somebody on reddit recently asked this question…

What small thing brightens your day?
byu/ButterscotchFog inAskReddit

And people shared what makes them smile… especially the small things.

Let’s take a look

1. Dad’s garden

I can’t see my dad a lot anymore, but he makes sure to send me an updated picture of his garden almost everyday.

That makes me smile.

2. Kitty beans!

When my cats sleep next to me, they always make sure that they touch me with their toe beans.

If I slightly move, they readjust until they touch me again.

Love it.

3. ALL the cute animals!

My husband makes it a habit to send at least one cute animal picture to me a day.

It’s been years and I don’t think he’s ever doubled up.

If I’ve seen it before from some other source I get another two or three to make up for seeing one already.

It’s often frog related. Today was three White’s tree frogs being cute in a frog bowl.

Yesterday was a bearded dragon getting excited over blueberries.

4. Be careful!

It’s so nostalgic to hear old songs and experience old memories, but then you realize that the more you continue to listen to that song and experience those memories, the old ones go away and are replaced with new memories of you listening to it now.

Makes you not want to listen to any old songs for fear of tampering with the precious memories…

5. How very quaint… I mean quail

In my neighborhood everyday when I come back from the gym at 6:01 AM there are a trail of quails and every morning I stop so they can safely pass the road.

If they aren’t there I get kind of sad. I like seeing my quails and knowing they got to their destination safely.

6. Yes, it is the small things…

A joke I’ve never heard before.

A creative complement I’ve never heard before.

Just… something different.

Makes the day more interesting.

The tinniest difference makes a big difference.

7. My little ponytail

I have bright pink hair, and one day at work I was wearing it in a high curly ponytail.

A man came up to me and said “I love your hair. I hope this doesn’t come off as weird, but you look like Pinkie Pie, and I love it. My daughter and I watch My Little Pony together and that’s her favorite pony, she’d love your hair too.”

That compliment has stuck with me because that was the last kind of person I’d expect to get that compliment from.

It was very sweet and I think about it pretty often.

8. Watch ALL the squirrels!

I’ve got one of those little picnic table-shaped squirrel feeders attached to the fence around our backyard.

Every morning I put a fresh cob of “squirrel corn” on it and watch the little dudes and and dudettes come feast on it.

9. Cheers!

Eight years ago, in New York City,, I’m with my family sitting at a coffee place in the lounge. My parents are talking amongst themselves so I’m zoning out and scanning the room.

Out of the corner of my eye I spot an Asian man obviously waiting for his wife and he’s rocking in his chair with drink in hand.

All of the sudden he tilts too far back and starts to go backward but he suddenly catches himself and almost drops his drink but not before stopping the chair from slamming to the ground so it was silent.

He looks around and catches me smiling. He instantly replies with the biggest grin while toasting his drink in a “A-ha!” manner.

I still think about that scene. So wholesome.

10. I can see clearly now!

When I accidentally wake up too early and see the sun starting to come out.

I go back to sleep after but I like to think I fall back asleep with a slight smile on my face.

11. OMG! That sounds amazing!

Everyday there’s this neighborhood kid that bikes around with his what I assume to be his older friend or brother and they throw “homemade” newspapers.

They write little noted and cards and updates how they like life.

He does it just for this block I’m on with my friend.

Apparently he’s been doing it for about 6 months.

12. The Scar

I have a scar on my right arm.

While I was in high school, I pushed myself too far physically and mentally. I studied day and night just so I can get a high rank in class (which was very important to me back then).

Once didn’t get enough sleep for a week and on my daily commute I was so tired I fell off the vehicle I was riding. Gave me only a scar on my right arm.

I’m not entirely sure how but since then I always wake up and look at that scar and remind myself that I should be happy, whatever results I get in my life.

Since then, my days have been brighter than usual.

13. Remember those names!

I learned this from visiting a buddy. Learn the names of the people who you routinely visit, IE gas station employees or grocery store clerks, whatever.

Learn a little about them, ask them about their day, call them by name.

It just feels good to make people feel appreciated I guess.

I should add, don’t pry.

Alright, now it’s your turn to share! What do you find to be a small thing that helps your life a bit?

Share that in the comments!