When I think about this important question, I have a pretty good idea about what I think makes my life worth living.

My family, my friends, and the little things that I enjoy: music, movies, watching hockey, eating Mexican food, taking long walks. All the good stuff!

But, of course, we’re all different. And that’s what makes the world go ’round!

Folks on AskReddit opened up and talked about what makes their lives worth living. Let’s take a look.

1. Responsibilities.

“Getting up every day with the responsibility to take care of my son, my husband, and my animals. If I weren’t here what would they do?

They are all dependent of me and if not for that id have nothing to look forward to, nothing to wake up to, no one to wake up to, id be very lonely.

So thank God for them.”

2. Right on!

“The little things.

But also when bad moments or days or weeks or even months finally end, and your head is calm and clear and you can enjoy life as it is, and you’re grateful for everything that has happened up until the present.

Nothing lasts forever – good and bad. It’s sad definitely, but its also a relief.”

3. Gotta have family.

“My husband, my children and my dogs.

They rely on me for happiness and I them.

I’ve never felt so content since I met my husband and we grew our family.”

4. Like a kid.

“Working with kids.

I think we lose ourselves growing up and, a big part of adulthood is finding that childhood happiness again.”

5. This is true.


Life can be good or bad, but it’s always interesting. And if it isn’t, take some risks, some adventure, make life an experience.

At least you will have some stories.”

6. What’s next?

“Making my dreams come true.

My family and friends, being able to visit different places one day.

Basically just the sheer excitement of not knowing what might happen next.”

7. LOVE.

“I recently got married in October.

My husband is my entire world and I still pinch myself that I landed a man like him. He loves me with everything in him and I never in a million years would think I deserved his love but I have it and I want to protect that. My family is also why I’m still alive.

My father. A veteran who has survived a stroke, is now disabled and in stage 4 kidney failure and blind because he couldn’t keep his diabetes in check, but still manages to smile and laugh even though his life has completely changed. My mother who has given up everything to care for my father. Work full time and take care of my siblings.

My little sister who is such a talented artist and so intelligent. My brother who is the biggest goofball with an equally big heart. His hugs always keep me going. He gives the best hugs! Life if worth living. I promise it gets better.”

8. Friends forever.

“My friends that have stuck with me through the years.

If it wasnt for them I might have genuinely offed myself a long time ago.

Funny to think I met some of these people 6 years ago and they’re still with me.”

9. Looking forward to it.

“My children’s future.

Things I still want to learn/experience. Books I haven’t read. Movies and shows I haven’t watched.

LEGO sets I haven’t built. In one phrase, “anticipated novelty”.”

10. Pure souls.

“Other people.

There’s just so many beautiful, kind, pure souls out there and I love getting to talk to them and see them be themselves. You can learn so much from everyone you meet, even if they’re just superficial surface level conversations.

And my job really keeps me going too. I work at an assisted living home as an aide and, even though I can’t see myself doing it forever, knowing I’m all these people have right now to laugh and cry with makes me feel so purposeful.”

11. Aim high!

“My ambitions.

I’m still young and I want to do things in the future. Sure there’s lots of things I want right now that I most likely won’t do, but I challenge myself every day to get better. I want success, I want money, I want family, I want love.

All that is what drives me, and if I didn’t have those ambitions I don’t know where I’d be right now.”

12. Closer than ever.

“Definitely my sister.

We’ve been going through the same things since we were younger.

Even though we’re apart because we were adopted and live in different states now, we feel closer than ever.”

13. Nice!

“5:47pm. I walk my dog at 5:47pm and the sun is setting and I see people come home.

Kids coming home from sport practice, cars pulling into garages, husbands giving their wives a kiss, glows from the news on tv through windows, the smell of dinners cooking in the air.

Sure I know that behind doors these lives are complicated and I witness a tiny snippet but it’s life in all it’s ordinary suburban glory and it just makes me so glad to be alive.

I feel such a sense of love for humans and their little strange lives. I live to keep experiencing 5:47pm.”

14. Only here once.

“I don’t want to miss a thing.

When you are diagnosed with a disease that threatens to cut your life short as it is, you kinda want to live as much as you can and see all that you can. That’s me.

I have a granddaughter that I never thought I would have. I don’t want to miss a moment of her growing up. I finally met and married a man that is my soul mate, my God chosen partner. We have been together for 10 years and married for five.

We haven’t had enough time together. There is too much I haven’t seen or done.”

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