Finding the perfect fit can be one of the best things in life. Starting a relationship with the perfect partner. Getting hired at just the right job. Finding a community that gives you a true sense of belonging. But also just…when stuff fits in other stuff real good. That’s can be JUST as fulfilling.

If you think I’m exaggerating, check these out, and let the satisfaction wash over you.

15. I’m all ears

If you don’t end up with a goldfish cracker in your ear at some point are you even a kid?

One of the stranger perfect fits
byu/P1xelFang inPerfectfit

14. Easy does it

If there’s one thing Gordon Ramsay is known for, it’s being very chill.

The way my lord and saviour leans in to watch me cook.
byu/Muse_22 inPerfectfit

13. A blessing and a curse

Yeah yeah cool fit that’s neat can we go back to the part where someone BOUGHT A SARCOPHAGUS AT A YARD SALE?

Someone on my yard sale group bought this sarcophagus without measuring and found themselves with a perfect fit.
byu/jmedennis inPerfectfit

12. Slice of life

When even your garnishes are holding interventions, you may have a problem.

Hubby tossed in an orange slice before pouring the beer and didn’t notice the fit until the beer wouldn’t fit into the glass. It sat like that for a while without leaking to the bottom, so we eventually broke the seal so we could get on with more important things, like drinking the beer.
byu/lsharris inPerfectfit

11. Emotional support

That’s not a coincidence, that’s a feature I’d pay extra for.

The Way My Truck Supports My Fat Ass
by inPerfectfit

10. Doesn’t suck

Neither of these things should be shaped this way and yet it’s perfect.

What do you say about this
byu/OlgierdTheOldest inPerfectfit

9. Do it yourself

It’s the little surprises in life you learn to treasure.

The way these floorboards fit in ikea bags and how 15 of them fit perfectly in our trailer.
byu/dying_pau inPerfectfit

8. Saintly sedan

Depending on how hot a day this was, we might call this a divine punishment.

God has chosen this vehicle
byu/dwydwy555555 inPerfectfit

7. Kit fit

It’s so perfect you almost don’t want to remove anything.

Finally, a hotel that understands
byu/pooka_pook inPerfectfit

6. In my pad

If that ain’t the most low rent hidden room I’ve ever seen…

Doors are overrated
byu/main_rabbbit inPerfectfit

5. Off the cuff

I thought for a second that subtitle said “largest head.”

Commentators wrist/cuff completes Dustin Johnson’s head
byu/abernathy233 inPerfectfit

4. Highs and lows

What is this, a passageway for ANTS?!

I perfectly fit; i’m 4’11” 🙃
byu/jjeunelle inPerfectfit

3. Crossing the line

Thank God, we can stop wondering about this.

Slim Perrier can fits perfectly into the bottom of a crosswalk sign.
byu/amullfilms inPerfectfit

2. A cushy job

Have a satisfying seat, why don’t ya.

Bought this storage box for our seat cushions thinking it was more than big enough, this is every cushion.
byu/Loudsound07 inPerfectfit

1. Going up

A trippy tripping hazard with style to spare.

These shoes
byu/hemanth_k inPerfectfit

If you didn’t find those pictures at least as satisfying as meeting your soulmate, then we are on very different wavelengths.

What’s the most satisfying thing you’ve seen lately?

Tell us in the comments.