Bob Ross had a little squirrel named Peapod and he would put Peapod in his pocket to watch him paint.

Who can be in a bad mood knowing this was something that happened?

But if you need more wholesome goodness to turn your week around, take a look at these 19 pictures and videos of animals.

1. When you see someone without a smile, give them one of your own, like this dog.

Aww it’s smile
byu/ChrisChan218 inaww

2. She likes to show off her toys. How sweet is that?

My girl always greets people with her stuffed animals
byu/gundam2017 inaww

3. Dog hugs are the best.

My boy giving me a hug
byu/Lord_Dino_Hat inaww

4. Crocheting is love.

My girlfriend has spent quarantine crocheting. What do we think of our dogs new sweater?
byu/PreyForTheMasses1 inaww

5. Napa and I would get along just fine.

Napa demonstrates the laziest game of fetch
byu/TeisTom inaww

6. Wowza.

My dog loves balls, but she’s never seen one like this before.
byu/avesvic inaww

7. Question. How did this cute corgi back that thing in there?

Special Delivery!
by inaww

8. Herding by Zoom?

A border collie working from home
byu/mac_is_crack inaww

9. Even reptiles can bring the warm fuzzies.

He’s actually real! Almost stepped on him while hiking yesterday.
byu/FknHannahFalcon inaww

10. Dogs that purr? Be still my heart.

Woofer purr 🙂
by inaww

11. Bet she won’t let that stop her.

Ray, 7months old, born without eyes. So much love.
by inaww

12. She’s gorgeous!

Maggie the Wonder Dog spreading love as usual ❤️
byu/Dashes-In-Her-StArs inaww

13. Your mama won’t let you fall before you’re ready.

Parent of the year 🙌😻
byu/maldhowayanr inaww

14. What a wonderful surprise.

With little to no people out and about more and more critters are in areas you wouldn’t normally see them! This large road runner ran right up to me in a parking lot it was awesome!
byu/lunisean inaww

15. This dog’s no dummy.

Not today homie!!!
byu/WildcatFIGS inaww

16. Precious mommy and child moment.

Mommy cat with her kitten.
by inaww

17. New best buds forever.

Cows are among the most gentle creatures. This allows them to befriend All kinds.
byu/Doodlebug510 inaww

18. He’s so soulful.

Picked up our new isolation buddy!
byu/canadianhifive inaww

19. Dreaming of tuna.

A sleepy kitten getting the dream licks
byu/unnaturalorder inaww

These cute animals can give lessons on sweetness because they have it to spare.

Whether they look perfect or not, or missing a few parts here or there, they aren’t afraid of showing what they can do which is to make us laugh and fill us with hope and joy no matter how our week is going.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!