What do you enjoy doing with your partner in your spare time?

No, I didn’t mean that!

Get your head out of the gutter!

I’m talking about activities that don’t include doing the “Horizontal Mambo”…if you know what I mean.

And if you’re looking for some new hobbies and activities to do with your beloved, you’re about to get a whole bunch of new ideas.

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Hit the town.

“Going out – go see live gigs etc.

We went to a strip club together on the weekend, that was fun and random.

Wasn’t as gross as youd thing, pole dancers have extreme strength and are inspiring to watch. Tried out some different pubs etc.”

2. The open water.

“Canoeing! And a bonus is that the whole family can get involved.

Our family bought a canoe earlier this summer, and we’ve all loved getting it out this summer. There’s something healing about being on the water.

My wife and I have gone out with just the two of us, and we’ve also taken out the kids before.”

3. All good things.

“Taking dogs to dog park, microbrewing, wine tasting, concerts, bike riding, traveling.”

4. Sounds very nice.

“We like to go on hikes or even just a walk around the neighborhood. We try to go on at least one walk a day.

Try to hit some of the fun parks and trails around us. If it’s a weekend we will usually parlay a nice long hike into drinks and some small finger foods after.

We are big fans of history. Love going to Gettysburg and seeing the battlefield, the museum, and the overall history. The haunted nature of the area is also pretty fun and interesting.

We love gardening and working on our landscaping around the house. Planning on what to do for the upcoming seasons, maintaining everything, and improving.”

5. That’s sweet.

“My wife has been unable to have s*x for the past 3 years after her cancer treatments.

We talk, play video games together, watch movies and TV, hang with our friends, take care of our pets and home. Although not being able to be intimate like that can be sad sometimes, its one of the last things you should worry about in a truly healthy relationship.

We share our lives together, both the good and the bad.”

6. Never bored together.

“Video games. Card games. Writing together. Streaming together.

Have a big like for butterfly museums and really anything video game related. I got really lucky in the shared hobbies group. And cant really get enough of her POV on things and she seems to reciprocate that.

So it’s rare we’re ever bored together. But there is never enough time. Maybe 2 to 3 hours a day on a good workday.”

7. Great stuff.

“Playing pinball, playing Path of Exile, short to moderately long hikes, road trips, watching Jeopardy & nature/science documentaries, listening to music & going to concerts, really good meals.”

8. Cool!

“My girlfriend and I are in different cities, but when we move in together in the next few months and covid is done – she wants to take hip-hop dance classes. I’m a big awkward white guy and can’t wait.

We also have a jar filled with activities to do together and will draw from the jar. Soon we’ll have recipes we want to make, movies we want to watch, or mild activities to do together (walk/boardgames/listen to an audio book) and will combine all 3 for an easy date night.”

9. Let’s get deep.

“Playing video games together, smoking weed and having deep intellectual conversations.

The list goes on and on.”

10. Watching the fish.

“We got a fish tank just into lockdown and it’s been such a bonding experience for the both of us since!

We usually spark up a smoke and just sit, watch the fish and talk about anything and everything. It’s such a great way to unwind.

Although we now have 4 (soon to be 5) tanks up and running, two of those are 30g and 55g so my living room has been overtaken.”

11. Wow!

“Me and my husband like to build and race sailboats around the world last year we set the local record for fastest circumference of the world in a home made boat.”

12. Get in shape!

“We like to go to the gym together (in the past, now we workout at home and share weights).

Not necessarily doing the same workout, just working out at the same time in the same place. Same for yoga.”

13. Smells good in here!


Find a recipe you want to try that is somewhat commiserate with your skill level that also has an instructional video (Gordon Ramsay has good ones). Buy the food, then watch it together, then cook together with music on.

Then, at the end, you can be proud of what you did and have had fun together.”

14. Self-care.

“We do each other’s beauty treatments.

I wax his *ss, he does my lip injections. I’ll do his pedicures, he colours my roots, I’ll pluck his brows, he spray tans me, I’ll do his chemical peels, he gives me lymphatic massages. It’s something we mutually enjoy and are good at and I love that we can share in rituals usually reserved as “self care”.

Also we save a lot of money doing the services to each other rather than going to salons or medi spas.”

15. Good times.

“25 years.

We still love rocking out, playing records, darts, cards, board games, and our pigeons.”

16. Peacefully existing.

“I just enjoy existing in the same room.

It’s nice to always have someone to bother with your random thoughts.”

17. Trying new stuff.

“We both love date nights so we always think about something to do.

Half the time it’s going out for dinner but other times it’s mini golf, escape rooms, axe throwing.

Always something new.”

18. Gamers.

“We play X-Box.

We have ran through the Halo campaign start to finish multiple times together, but because Halo 5 is an awful piece of sh*t with no couch co-op, we started finding new games.

We are currently 90% of the way through the first borderlands game and loving it.”

19. Run for it!

“Running races. I complete (not very fast) marathons, and a couple years ago, my wife decided to do a 5k to try it out.

She got HOOKED! There’s a lot of races in my area (not this year) that have a 5k/10k the day before the “Big” race. I reign back so we can be together the whole time, since she’s slower than my own slow.

She’s at 30+ finisher medals now, and has the wall of her office area proudly displaying them!

We were aiming for her first half marathon this year, but… 2020…”

20. Wholesome.

“I met my wife at a board game club.

Nearly all of our dates were to a board game cafe.

We have a board game collection of about 200 games filling an entire wall of bookshelves.”

21. Let’s play a game.

“I know it sounds lame, but during long car rides we will play the “I like about you” game where we just take turns saying things about each other that we admire.”

22. This is nice.

“In the winter of our marriage:

Giving away stuff we bought “in the spring”, hiking instead of skiing, walking instead of running, cooking, downsizing, appreciating the family and old and new friends.

Spending some of our retirement loot.”

23. Binge watching.

“We like marathoning Netflix together.

Our favorite to watch is Lucifer. We actually set season release days aside and make a day of it.”

24. All kinds of stuff.

“We participate in things that we don’t really care for because it makes the other really happy.

Like he will take me on long drives to the beach because it makes me super happy.

I’ll go to gigs and mosh with him to bands I don’t know or really care all that much about.

Or we go get take away food and sit in a park and play dog spotting.

But honestly my favourite is just the routine stuff. Like napping, eating, working out, even cleaning the house together.”

25. Sounds very nice.

“Kayaking, going to the book store, binge watch movies and tv shows, trying new restaurants,playing with our dogs, making random playlist for random car drives.”

26. Nice and relaxing.

“We both like bonfires, especially around this time of year.

Some days we will just come home from work, sit out back by the bonfire, and just be.”

27. Enjoying life.

“Cooking – put on some good vinyl, cook a meal together, eat together, and do the dishes together

Casual gaming – mario kart, katamari, and anything else that’s cheap and fun on the Switch

Reading in hammocks – hours in a day, multiple days in a row

Camping – we bought about $350 of gear and my suv can carry a small house worth of gear. Big tent and a decent air mattress.”

28. No fear!

“Rock climbing is a great couples sport!

You need a partner to do it no matter what, and it’s fun to be able to belay them and have them belay you while going up these rock faces and spending time outside.”

29. Minecraft!

“Playing Minecraft!

Sometimes when she doesnt want to play minecraft, we do solo BR in warzone where we debate what to do together and alternate between turns.”

Now it’s your turn!

In the comments, let us know what kinds of things you like to do with your partner.

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