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AITA For being honest that my dad made me pay for my own art lessons as a kid, which is now causing him to be made fun of at work and lose some of his work friends?

“I’m a (15F). My mom and dad divorced when I was a baby. I spend most of my time with my mom and every other weekend with my dad.

When I was in elementary/middle school, I went to an art class hosted by Mrs. Anny on Saturdays. In 4th grade, I asked my dad if I could go on his weekends too, and he told me that if I wanted to go on his weekends, then I would need to cover both the cost of each lesson ($12 for 4 hours) plus $5 to contribute towards the DirectTV recording feature since he had to miss his TV shows to take me.

I was able to go three times on his days using money I had saved from holidays. I told my mom that I was sad because I didn’t have any more money left to be able to go to Mrs. Anny’s on dad’s weekend. My mom didn’t realize dad was making me pay for my own lessons and flipped out at him. From then on, she would pick me up on his Saturdays for art class.

We haven’t had time to go Mrs. Anny’s since I got into high school, but I still do art and go to online lessons whenever I have the chance.

Dad had a party at the house with a bunch of people from his work. I thanked him for dinner. He said he wanted me to stay at the table and talk to his work friends, but I told him that I needed to finish a school project and went to my room.

Later one of dad’s works friends came up to me and told me that I should have done what my dad wanted me to and I should have more gratitude towards my dad because on top of raising and supporting me he’s the reason why I’m an amazing artist.

Dad showed his work friends my art and said that I was an amazing artist because of him and all the expensive art lessons that he paid for. I told the work friend that my dad has never paid for any of my art lessons, and how when I was a 4th grader he refused to take me to art lessons unless I paid the $12 fee myself and gave him $5 to contribute to the DirectTV recording feature. His friend apologized for the misunderstanding and I forgot about it until dad started lecturing me last week.

The work friend told all the other coworkers that dad never paid for my art lessons and tried making me pay for them. Some of his coworkers now only talk to him for business reasons, but most of them are making fun of him and saying stuff like “Ah, that’s so expensive! But we can have OP save up her lunch money so she can cover it, right Daniel? (my dad)”

My grandma and dad’s girlfriend agree with dad because I’m not owed art lessons and me being “bitter” about it is no reason to try and mess up his work reputation with what I said. My mom and stepdad said that I did nothing wrong and Daniel shouldn’t have told lies in the first place.

My sister Tori said my dad deserved to be embarrassed anyway. (Tori hasn’t talked to dad in a long time.) So now I’m conflicted about if I should have said what I did to dad’s work friend.”

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