Babies seem to be sweet angels ready to coo on command just to delight us. But occasionally, one of these angels shows up not having any of it. No cooing, no bubbles and no photos.

One newborn named Luna recently captured the internet’s heart with her “mean mugging” in a hilarious photo session.

Her dad, Christian Musa told Good Morning America,

She’s been mean-mugging since day one.”


Musa and his wife Lori were unaware of the facial expressions Luna was making for the camera until their photographer, Justine Tuhy sent over the images.

In a Facebook post that has been shared over 56,000 times, Tuhy wrote,

“These might just be the best baby facial expressions I have ever captured!

Mom and Dad both said she came out with this same face!

I just love it!”

Tuhy clarified Luna was perfectly content throughout her session despite the look on her face.


Christian and Lori were surprised the photos became so popular.

He told Good Morning America,

“What we thought was funny was my sister-in-law texted us and said, ‘One of my patients came over and told me to look at this cute baby and I was like, That’s my niece.'”

Tuhy doesn’t take credit for the photos going viral, acknowledging the undeniable cuteness of the photos all lie with Luna and her wonderful not-having-it facial expressions.

My only question… what is this kid going to think when she grows up? Will she have a sunnier disposition?