Riley Morrison is a massive basketball fan. In particular, she’s a fan of Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors. She was excited to pick up a pair of Curry’s signature shoes, but was disappointed to find they weren’t available in girls’ sizes—only boys’.

Rather than giving up on her quest, she wrote a letter to Curry, which her father posted on Instagram:

Photo Credit: Instagram

Riley makes a compelling case, mentioning that Curry has two daughters and hosts an all-girls basketball camp. She ends with, “I hope you can work with Under Armour to change this because girls want to rock the Curry 5’s too.”

As a busy professional athlete, Curry could have opted to send a canned response. Instead, he wrote a personal letter to Riley, which he also posted to Twitter:

Photo Credit: Twitter

Curry let Riley know he was working with Under Armour to correct the issue and that he would be sending her Curry 5’s and the new Curry 6’s. He also invited her to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 5th.

Riley was thrilled with the response.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Riley’s letter, and Curry’s response, show us it’s possible to make a difference.