It seems like every day, people on Twitter find a new topic to viciously debate. Recently, it’s been emotional boundaries. One user posted a thread advising people to check in with their friends before dumping bad news on them, but their advice was not well-received. Quite the opposite—it’s being viciously meme-ified.

Twitter user @YanaBirt shared a screenshot of a text in which they ask someone: “Are you in the right headspace to receive information that could possibly hurt you?”

They captioned the tweet with further information. “I just want to say, a lot of y’all dump information on your friends at the wrong time without their consent. If you know it’s something that could hurt them, ask permission before you decide to be messy. Please.”

The intention here is definitely positive. But a lot of people vehemently disagreed with @YanaBirt’s choice of phrasing.

The criticism mostly centered on the cold and foreboding tone of the text message.

Researcher Melissa Fabello also suggests that friends should request permission to vent because of the limits of emotional labor.

She goes on to say:

And more points on the topic:

Finally, she shares a solution:

Many people are arguing online that if you got one of these text messages, you likely wouldn’t be able to think about anything else until you found out what the hurtful information was, so the idea of saying “no” is not even on the table.

“I will absolutely NOT be in the right headspace after receiving a message like that,” one person wrote.

“Sending me this is ten times worse for my emotional labor capacity than just telling me what you want to talk about,” another said.

“I would literally start crying if I received this message,” a third said.

Checking in before dumping horrible news on someone is a good idea, but this? Is not it. Anyway, onto the memes!

1. Remember when?

2. Uh oh… don’t say it…


3. Time for some emotional destruction…

4. ALWAYS back up… always.

Gotta love Twitter for combining serious mental health talk with memes 24/7!

Which of these did you find funniest? Let us know in the comments!