I’m don’t think most people – or anyone in their right mind – would argue that we deserve animals in any way, right?

They are so pure, so adorable, so loving, and so loyal even when we don’t deserve it that it brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it.

These 11 animals are just out there driving the point home, though, and if you can get through this entire post without someone cutting onions in your home, you’re a stronger person than I am!

1. Dogs are the best.

They make any bad day instantly better.

My brother and his ex assistance dog. Before we got the dog he was terrified of dogs but now they’re his favourite and the dog is his best friend
byu/drwhogirl_97 inaww

2. The cat knew he was invited.

No way they were expecting him to eat on the floor.

Cooked my wife and cat a special Sunday breakfast
byu/Sonakstyle inaww

3. He understood the assignment.

What an excellent big brother he is.

This big brother helps his baby sister use the doggie door. He stands there and lets the baby go through his legs!
byu/bkrees inAnimalsBeingBros

4. She’s not leaving his side.

Her face is what he’s gonna see when he wakes up.

Nurse Bailey is on duty & takes her job very seriously
byu/jesszillaa inAnimalsBeingBros

5. Another nursing kitty.

They have such big hearts.

the incredible nursing cat

6. Unlikely animal friendships are my favorite.

These two need a children’s book for sure.

My cat Wally hanging out with my turtle Pebbles. Pebbles is laying on Wally’s tail.
byu/Sea_Panic9863 inAnimalsBeingBros

7. Y’all that goat is wearing a coat.

I’m pretty sure he’s just looking for something to eat, but it’s cute anyway.

My dad (on the right) fixing my car with a little helper.
byu/oranke_dino inAnimalsBeingBros

8. She will do whatever mom needs.

Don’t tell her she can’t.

Found this good girl at the grocery store, just trying to help her mom bag the groceries.
byu/Begrudgingup-vote inaww

9. He’s basically a veterinary assistant now.

They’d better pay him in kibble accordingly.

Ron came to the vet clinic as a stray. After a few weeks he started making rounds to see patients, cuddling with pets to keep them warm and would sit next to any pet while they were asleep, offering comfort
byu/westcoastcdn19 inAnimalsBeingBros

10. You know she must have gotten consent.

Otherwise that turkey would not be having a hug.

The joy of having a turkey accept your hug
byu/lnfinity inaww

Y’all, I wish I could have all of the animals. They just deserve all of the love all the time, I swear.

What’s your favorite feel-good animal story? We want to hear all about it, in great detail, down in the comments!