10 Boyfriends and Husbands Who Make Loving Fun

Some people may think that waking up with the same person everyday may have its drawbacks. But many others know having a relationship with that one special guy or girl can bring around a lot of happiness. There are also health benefits to being in love, like stress reduction and better immunity against illnesses.

And these boyfriends and hubbies are bringing 10 people a lot of laughs too.

Scroll through this list to see what all the giggling is about and get inspired to infuse some mirth in your own relationship.

#1. Celeb Crush

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#2. Aww!

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#3. The cutest Christmas card

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#4. A message for the decorator

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#5. A little payback

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#6. Just waitin’

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#7. Drunk cooking

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#8. Sounds fun!

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#9. The accident

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#10. #goals

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So, remember, always keep the one that makes you laugh. And does the laundry.