Let’s get one thing straight here now and forever – your pet hates wearing clothes.

I know, it’s adorable. I know, it’s hilarious. But they don’t like it. I mean, think about it – YOU hate wearing pants, and you’re a human. Humans are the only reason pants exist in the first place and WE all hate them, so imagine how your pet must feel when saddled with this nonsense.

That said, because dogs are infinitely patient and good and we don’t deserve them at all, they will often put up with our nonsense, and the result is the #dogwig hashtag on Instagram, which, as you might expect, displays a lot of dogs in wigs.

Here are some of our favorites (names and personalities assigned based on our first impressions.)

10. Stefan

Been getting into improv lately, but keeps making all the scenes about computer repair.


9. Janice

Made you your Christmas present early this year and has definitely already spoiled it like six times.


8. Becca

Here to party, but also in need of a nap.


7. Cynthia

Divorced. A cool aunt who can’t stay out of trouble most of the time.


6. Sharon

Just tried an edible for the first time and honestly isn’t sure if it’s even working.


5. Fredrique

Just back from his tour of everywhere.


4. Karen

Actually nice if you’d get to know her, though she would really like to speak to your manager if you get a second, thanks.


3. Jessie

Has an album of folk songs listened to exclusively by people who don’t know folk music.


2. Staci

That’s Staci with an i, thanks.


1. Dognald Thrump

Infinitely more palatable than his human counterpart.


I guess all I have to say is that if you’re gonna subject your dogs to this, at least give them treats. You owe them that much.

Which of these dogs is your favorite?

Tell us in the comments.