Parenting isn’t easy, but it sure can be hilarious.

There’s so much that’s new to kids, that they often just don’t understand what’s going on. And, let’s face it—while there are always some great teachable moments to be had, kids can also be frustrating and hilarious.

So when you feel like throwing your hands in the air or grabbing a much deserved glass of wine, why not share your parenting adventures on Twitter like these people did instead? You’re guaranteed to get a laugh!

Check out 10 funny and sweet tweets from parents who live a new adventure every day!

1. All alone on a desert island, but not for long.

How do you answer this question anyway?

Photo credit: @TheCatWhisprer

2. It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it.

We’re stayin’ alive here people.

Photo credit: @DaddyJew

3. You’ve got to pay it forward.

Even if you never find what you’re looking for.

Photo credit: @Lhlodder

4. There is no “without our phones,” dad.

Same toy, different environment.

Photo credit: @RodLacroix

5. It feels like heaven.

Energy is truly kid’s stuff.

Photo credit: @simoncholland

6. It’s a mouse eat mouse world out there.

RIP Charles Entertainment Cheese.

Photo credit: @mommajessiec

7. Those were the days.

In a few weeks, you just may be in a closet.

Photo credit: @lmegordon

8. This bath butter be good.

Wouldn’t you rather have a rubber duck?

Photo credit: @daddydoubts

9. Well, are you?

Because looks can be deceiving when you’re a toddler.

Photo credit: @TheCatWhisprer

10. An idea we can get behind.

Just make sure to follow it up with replacement haul videos.

Photo credit: @MommaUnfiltered

We’re sure you know exactly what these parents are taking about.

If you have a favorite tweet and stories of your own to share, let us know in comments below!