Do you have a dating app profile?

If you are, you know the struggle…

The odds are pretty good but the goods are pretty odd, as the saying goes.

But hey, keep your head up and keep moving forward!

You might get lucky, you never know…

Check out these dating apps tweets and be glad they didn’t get sent to you.

1. Do it!

Me, too!

2. Stressed out.

Oh, boy…

3. It’s just sad.

Most of the time.

4. You are incredible.

What a catch!

5. What’s up, ugly?

Well, that wasn’t nice…

6. Let’s get real.

This is what it’s all about.

7. The pool could use some chlorine.

It’s gross in there!

8. That’s right.

Until they end…

9. What’s the hold up?

Are you in love yet?

10. Gotta be good at something.

Might as well be that!

What are your experiences with dating apps?

Tell us some stories in the comments.

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