If you’re someone who grew up in the 80s and 90s, you probably remember the period with a lot of warm, fuzzy nostalgia. It’s not as if the world back then didn’t have its troubles, but it does seem a lot simpler looking back.

So, if you’re in the mood for a sweet, smile-inducing trip down memory lane, here are 20 sayings that will take you right back to your youth.

17. “You can always ask Jeeves.”

Image Credit: The Classic Dad

It was sort of like asking Google, but more personal. Because Jeeves was a butler.

16. “Smoking or non?”

Image Credit: NBC

Yes, people used to actually be able to choose a smoking section, and those of us who didn’t smoke just had to pretend the whole place didn’t reek.

15. “Page me.”

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Leave your number that will show up on my totally cool, colored-but-see-through pager and I’ll call you back.

When I get to a phone.

14. “Have you tried blowing it it?”

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Our generation’s version of “did you try unplugging it” or “did you try a hard close,” blowing into your gaming system or cartridge often did the trick.

13. “You’ve got mail.”

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

It’s not just a cute Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movie, kids.

12. “Get off the phone, I need to get online.”

Image Credit: Dimension Films

Or vice versa – but either way, “dial up” literally meant dialing in.

11. “Talk to the hand, cause the face ain’t listening.”

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We would never, ever have dared say this to our parents, though.

10. “Let’s watch some music videos on MTV.”

Image Credit: MTV

Music Television used to actually be, you know. Music on television. Go figure.

9. “I got it, Mom. You can hang up now.”

Image Credit: Netflix

You could pick up an extension and answer your call…or if you had siblings, you could totally listen in on their conversations (as long as you didn’t breathe too loud).

8. “Be kind, rewind.”

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Unlike DVDs, VHS tapes had to be physically rewound to the beginning to watch them a second time – and video stores would charge you if it wasn’t done with the tape was returned.

7. “What’s the 411?”

It’s short for “information” and yes, you could dial it to get…information.

6. “I can’t call until after 9pm.”

Image Credit: NBC

First, yes. We used to actually call each other. Also, calls were free/reduced charge after 9.

5. “I need to record this song so it can be my ringtone.

Image Credit: Reddit

If we wanted popular songs without paying for an entire album, we had to record it off the radio or someone else’s tape/CD.

Yes, really.

4. “All that and a bag of chips.”

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

It means “she or he’s got it all” and we can thank Boy Meets World.

3. “Don’t touch that dial, we’ll be right back.”

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Because televisions used to have actual dials and buttons that you actually had to get off your lazy butt to turn/push.

2. “I got a cordless phone for Christmas!”

Image Credit: Reddit

Not only did we not grow up with cell phones, for the early parts of our lives, phones were actually attached to the wall.

1. “That 29-inch television is huge.”

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And no, we weren’t being sarcastic.

It’s kind of like being a part of the best club, don’t you think?

What other sayings do you wish were still hanging around? If we missed some, drop them in the comments!