You know it and I know it…holiday office parties can get CRAZY.

People have a few drinks, inhibitions start to vanish, and then, BAM!, Dan from Accounting is hanging off the ceiling.

Don’t be like Dan, okay?

And have a few laughs at these tweets about holiday office parties.

1. It is a trap!

Don’t fall for it!

2. Nice to meet you.

Don’t do anything stupid…

3. You got it!

This is gonna be good.

4. That’s pretty steep.

It should be free for employees!

5. Nailed it.

And away you go!

6. What a score!

Really brought the party down, huh?

7. That’s all it took.

You’re doing the right thing.

8. This is getting weird.

But whatever floats your boat…

9. Not a coincidence at all.

People lose control at these things.

10. What did you just say?

Your boss crossed the line.

Have you ever been to an office party that got out of control?

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Thanks a lot!