You always hear about sketchy landlords who seem as if they’re actually going out of their way to make tenants’ lives as miserable as possible. They charge too much money, don’t fix issues, and even endanger people’s health and safety.

That said, a lot of them are out there doing the good work, though, so we thought it might be time for a landlord appreciation post – and these 10 people are surely deserving!

1. Everyone loves free rent.

It’s literally one of the very best things ever.

Our landlords slipped this letter under our door this afternoon from HumansBeingBros

2. Sure, he wasn’t technically supposed to be there.

But he is, and good boi needs treats.

Got busted for violating the "no pets" clause in my lease. Now my sweet old landlord brings treats for him every day. from aww

3. No one could say no to Butters.

Why on earth would you want to?

Landlord finally allowed a dog after living here 3 years. Meet Butters. :3 from aww

4. Who doesn’t love chili?

This is such a nice gesture.

My landlord put this in the lobby today on the first rainy day of fall from HumansBeingBros

5. This could go either way…

But I’m leaning toward awesome.

When I told my landlord my shower head was leaking, he said he was going to hook me up. This is what I came home to. from pics

6. This is an amazing picture.

You’ve gotta snap the kitty pic.

My landlord was replacing our sink and sent me this. from aww

7. I mean.

It’s something, I guess.

Mao, please blind react to this leech moment from LandlordLove

8. I’m sure this was such a relief.

Good on this person, and many happy returns on their kindness.

A text from our landlords this morning from HumansBeingBros

9. The best Christmas gift of all.

What a perfect time of year to think of others.

Didn’t get any gifts for Christmas except from my landlord. Has no idea I’ve been struggling lately. from pics

10. This is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in a while.


I mean, let’s give these people a round of applause for doing right by people, but also, more landlords should be doing things like this until it’s more the norm and not the exception.

If you ask me.

Have you had a landlord do something really nice for you? The opposite? Tell us the story and keep the appreciation doing in the comments!