A few days ago, Chasten Buttigieg – married to South Bend, IN, mayor and possible 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, Pete Buttigieg – posted an interesting question on Twitter:

In response, an avalanche of stories rolled in. These tweeters clearly were majorly influenced by their teachers – in fact, it’s not too far to say that these are stories of how their teachers changed their lives. After seeing the responses, you will want to grab the nearest teacher and hug them tight.

Teachers, we can’t thank you enough! Seriously, you deserve more than we can give you.

So, scroll through these tweets about hero teachers for a serious booster shot of wholesomeness and good feelings.

1. Showing how to get into college.


2. Giving clothes and time.


3. Giving self-confidence.

4. Giving support.

5. Sharing creativity.

6. Saving lives.

7. Teaching adulting.

8. Teaching maturity.

9. Giving encouragement.

10. Teaching lasting skills.


Teachers do some of the hardest work on the planet. Certainly, nobody’s getting rich by being an educator, but teachers do their jobs because they love the work and they love their students. Thank you, teachers. You inspire us.